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  1. rob allen

    How long should carpets stay clean after professional cleaning?

    As we are all aware there is a relentless campaign to paint "regular cleaners" in a negative light. They say we cause carpets to re soil faster. I commented and said there is no magic elixir. This got me to thinking, what steps do you take to insure carpets stay clean the longest? And how long...
  2. rob allen

    And the worst carpet cleaning boss ever award goes too...

    This guy. I mean he had a successful business but snapped and killed a couple his workers. I know the industry is stressful but geez this is craziness...
  3. rob allen

    Featured Top 10 Ways Cleaners Get Ripped Off!

    Here is the 1st video of 2019 with our new video production studio. Hope you enjoy it and please subscribe!
  4. rob allen

    My 1st 2019 video dropping tomorrow will be controversial

    I know that may come as a surprise to some. I've never wanted to be like the pack. It comes with consequences as some will get upset. I predict my hater count will rise faster than my Youtube count for while. Yes I am being somewhat snarky but I would like to ask a question. We built a complete...
  5. rob allen

    DIY chemical injection

    Anyone ever tried down stream injection like power washers use? Maybe just add a Dwyer meter and do away with chemical injection pump? Yay or nay?
  6. rob allen

    Have franchises impacted your business negatively?

    Is ZeroRez or a similar large franchise in your area yet? If so have you been sued by them? How has it effected your business? Has any franchise set up in your area and impacted your business negatively or financially? *I asked this because I get private messages by cleaners who have gotten...
  7. rob allen

    Are you a Carpet Cleaner suffering from CCD?

    Do you suffer from CCD? Hi, I'm Rob Allen and I quit CCD with the help of TMF. I had CCD for 2 almost a decade before I got help. Let me set the stage of how we finally noticed the symptoms. Years back when doing outdated dry foam method, we pulled up to a home and the client said they called SS...
  8. rob allen

    Where’s best place get pond liner

    Need to get some for new rug wash table top I am making. Any suggestions or links?
  9. rob allen

    All the uses for citrus solve

    Had a newbie ask me "Rob what are all the uses for citrus solve"? I thought thats a good question. How do you use it?
  10. rob allen

    An uptick in these sofas-ouch

    Anyone notice these Restoration Hardware sofas are showing up more and more. Linen and cotton or blends of both. Anyone have ago to method or process for them?
  11. rob allen

    Top 20 reasons cleaning business’s fail

    Feel free to add anything to the list. Enjoy!
  12. rob allen

    2018 is gone

    2018 is gone. Did you buy or do anything that changed your business for the better? Learn anything new? Do tell.
  13. rob allen

    2018 Member of the Year is...

    Jim Davisson. Congrats and thank you for your contribution. In return please send your full contact info to as we would like to send you a gift pack.
  14. rob allen

    Client messaged me and said...

    ..."Send me your lowest price". How would you respond?
  15. rob allen

    Thanks everyone

    Just want to say as this year comes to a close that I appreciate you all.
  16. rob allen

    Allowing techs take trucks home

    Do you, or would you allow techs to take trucks home? Why or why not?
  17. rob allen

    Cleaning lightly soiled carpets

    Don't need a hammer to kill an ant. Don't believe me? Hold my beer...
  18. rob allen

    Prochem heat exchangers

    Are the Legends and Performers heat exchangers the same size? Anyone know?
  19. rob allen

    How many sq ft on average per home get protected?

    How many sq ft on average would you say we spray on average? Basically traffic patterns right? My guess is 800-1000 sq ft on average. Agree?
  20. rob allen

    How important is scent in a prespray? How long would you like it to linger?

    How important is a pleasant scent to you and clients?
  21. rob allen

    Figuring CODB (Cost of doing business)

    Put your thinking caps on. Here is a job I did. It was 5 empty areas. I charged 50 an area. I sold him on deodorization at 1/2 price cleaning. I used Bio Pro at 44 a container using 8oz in a 4-1 HF sprayer and it covered all 5 areas. I added 8oz of super concentrate Beachy Peachy @ 60 gallon...
  22. rob allen

    Flu shot. Do you get one?

    What’s your take on them?
  23. rob allen

    10 wands be ready this weekend

    Red, black, blue and green. They will sell out before weekend is over. If you want one suggest you pick it up quickly.
  24. rob allen

    Urine-Heavy soil vs TMF Chems

    Rental in bad shape but property management wanted it looking and smelling decent for turnover. Went; 8x8 6oz Bio Pro + 2oz Groutmaster 8oz Unchained 15 min dwell CRB RSF 8oz to 5gal metered @2GPH Smelled great. Looked great. Realtor ecstatic. Win win.
  25. rob allen

    Official Hydramaster Truckmount review thread

    We hear a lot about all makes of Truckmounts but rarely here about Hydramaster. 1) How dependable? 2) Price? 3) Resale value? 4) Vacuum? 5) Heat? CDS Boxxer Titan