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  1. Gregg Sargent

    Work in progress

    Looks nice and clean. Have you even looked into putting video testimonials on your website? I started using a company called Sotellus two months ago and I love it. It is an app that you or your techs can have on their phone and capture video reviews when you are leaving the job. See what you...
  2. Gregg Sargent

    Who are you?

    I'm Gregg Sargent. I have been in the industry for 18 years. This industry has allowed me to work from home a lot especially the last 7 years. I love helping clients calm down and building trust. I will have to say though my favorite part is helping other people get their companies up and...
  3. Gregg Sargent

    Official Facebook LIKE Pages from TMF & Members

    Here is my Facebook Page Will go through and LIKE everyone else's!!! Thanks
  4. Gregg Sargent

    Learn To Call Conversion Tactics for Water Damage Industry -

    Learn To Call Conversion Tactics for Water Damage Industry -
  5. Gregg Sargent

    Featured Never Seen Before In Water Damage Industry. A COMPLETE PHONE TRAINING COURSE

    Robbie and I met at the last Las Vegas Convention and he felt that the online water damage training that I spent the last 8 months putting together could be a benefit to your members. I have also started sending my national group over to TruckMountForus to take advantage of all the great...
  6. Gregg Sargent

    What's the #1 way to get Water Damage jobs?

    I agree completely with the comments that have been made there are so many different ways to increase your water damage leads. I have built two water damage cleanup companies from scratch. One was built mostly from agents, we taught CE classes every month and had over 300 agents come through...
  7. Gregg Sargent

    Just Starting Out

    Don't forget the black light and offering a free pet urine inspection on every job. The light does the selling, especially if you know they have pets, or the client is buying the house and moving in. I made $1,000's a month with that black light. Also I recommend you offer Same Day Service...
  8. Gregg Sargent

    Anything you sorry you bought?

    I'll share one tool I wish I had bought 5 years earlier. A black light, once we started offering a free pet urine inspection with the black light at every job we started selling $1,000's of our pet urine treatment services. Clients would say that their pets never would go inside the house but...
  9. Gregg Sargent

    Google Adwords 101

    I run my water damage PPC campaign specifically after hours. It starts on Friday at 7:00 pm and ends Monday Morning at 7:00 am. I have found this to be beneficial because insurance agents offices are closed so clients can not get a hold of them, after hour jobs bill 30-50% more for most...
  10. Gregg Sargent

    Featured Never Seen Before In Water Damage Industry. A COMPLETE PHONE TRAINING COURSE

    m Glad you asked. I'm Gregg Sargent and I teach restoration companies across the company to convert 10-30% more cold leads into profitable jobs. I created a complete online water damage call conversion course from 17 years in the restoration business and 21 years on the phone, I am a master...
  11. Gregg Sargent

    Charge for infrared cameras on your jobs

    I have been billing $150.00 on every job that we use an infrared camera for over 3 years. Thought I might share this tip with everyone. Since you can get infrared cameras for our purposes for $400 -$1000 now you can get your money right back after a few jobs. Then it's all profit. After 3...
  12. Gregg Sargent

    How long ago was this job finished? I helped a large restoration company collect 100 past due...

    How long ago was this job finished? I helped a large restoration company collect 100 past due accounts. Accounts they could not get paid on. I can share a few tricks with you that have helped me over the last 17 years.
  13. Gregg Sargent

    Gutster Demo Bar

    Just wanted to mention this great wood floor demo tool. I keep one on every truck and technicians love them. In six years no one has ever broken one. Hope this tool can help you too.
  14. Gregg Sargent

    The CRI gives gold ratings to Sapphire 370 and 570, but a Platinum to Rug Dr?

    My last three truck-mounts were Sapphire 370's and I really like them for carpet cleaning and water extraction.
  15. Gregg Sargent

    Who are you?

    18 Years Entrepreneur in the Carpet And Water Damage Industry 21 Years Converting Leads into Profitable Jobs 2016 - Top Converter for a National Water Damage Lead Generation Company
  16. Gregg Sargent

    Do you run an inline hydro waste filter?

    Love those filters, helps keep the waste tanks clean. I bought one for all 17 trucks with truck-mounts. Both carpet cleaning and water damage trucks. I have not found a better filter yet sorry, I was going to suggest that maybe if your in a cold part of the country like I was in Utah then...
  17. Gregg Sargent

    No USA in next years World Cup

    I never could kick a soccer ball and run straight at the same time. I can barely get the ball past my 7 year old. Definitely disappointing.
  18. Gregg Sargent

    Complete this sentence-I started my business because...

    I started cleaning carpets at age 21 while I was finishing my degree and after 7 months I said, why not start my own business. So I bought a small $25,000 a year carpet cleaning franchise. That was 18 years ago and I have been self employed ever since.
  19. Gregg Sargent


    I put this together for my lead technicians to do self pay estimates on site. These rates are for the Denver Colorado area. If you would like the excel document so you can just make some changes just let me know. Hope this helps
  20. Gregg Sargent

    Price help

    Maybe this can help. I put this together in excel as a self pay pricing guide for my lead technicians. The prices are based on Xactimate rates for the Denver area. I made this a while ago so the rates might be different now but it should give you a basic idea. If you would like the excel...
  21. Gregg Sargent

    Restorers- Do you want more jobs?

    Sounds like a great class. It seems like the hardest parts of this industry are getting the phone to ring and then converting that call into a profitable job.
  22. Gregg Sargent

    Small water damage w/pics

    I like to use the Viking wall cavity dryers for these types of jobs or you can use the Injectra-dry wall system. Nice thing is wall cavity dryers bill between $70 - $140 per day in Xactimate depending on which one you use. You can also place your dehu right next to the wall dryer and it will...
  23. Gregg Sargent

    Price per square ft for commercial water damage carpet cleaning

    Check your Xactimate rates for your area. Also extracting after hours is going to bill around 50% more than regular business hours. You also can charge more for category 2 and 3 water. In Denver Category 1 is $0.59 for regular hours and $0.86 for after hours. Heavy extract is $0.65 & $1.02...
  24. Gregg Sargent

    Thoughts on this Hydroxyl/Ozone machine

    For residential homes I purchased the Titan 4000. After going through the training course 4 years ago I decided on this machine just to major sure clients and employees are not at risk health wise.
  25. Gregg Sargent

    What's the #1 way to get Water Damage jobs?

    Run your Google PPC Campaign only on Nights and Weekends. For example, start campaign Friday Night at 7pm then turn it off Monday 7AM. Most your jobs with be after hour rates that are 30% higher.