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  1. Swani21

    Robs Polyester Tester

    You're a nerd, but I love it!
  2. Swani21

    One way to cut your technician's payroll to nothing.

    From what I read on the internet it was over a pack of squares (cigarettes).
  3. Swani21

    Dang Wand

    How much was the stair tool?
  4. Swani21

    Robs Polyester Tester

    I was going to order it but it was sold out last time. I'll have to check again.
  5. Swani21

    Best cleaner for a gym

    No not TMF but they advertise here. Were you able to find it?
  6. Swani21

    Best vacuum for hardwood and carpet?

    I'm kinda in the same boat. I'm currently looking at a Pro Team or a Workhorse.
  7. Swani21

    Featured Top 10 Ways Cleaners Get Ripped Off!

    Good video! Sound and quality are real good! Your new studio must be working out good. I was expecting something more controversial other than a few jabs at a few competitors. All the categories were real good but I think I maybe would have them numbered a little different.
  8. Swani21

    Best cleaner for a gym

    Have you ordered a free sample pack from odorcide yet? They have some pretty good products.
  9. Swani21

    Best cleaner for a gym

  10. Swani21

    How NOT to dump waste water!!!!

    When you guys were in the bad drought did your customers want it on the lawn or in their flower beds?
  11. Swani21

    Green Cleaning Prespray

    What's your definition of "green"? What I've learned is it can mean many things. Like green for the environment or humans. Hypoallergenic, no voc's, made with only natural products? Very few products in our industry actually have the Green Seal Approval. If I were you I would check out...
  12. Swani21

    Who are the best independent truck mount makers?

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. How's is the heat? How long are your average hose runs? Do you mind asking what you paid? I talked to him in the phone a few years back and he seemed like a very good guy.
  13. Swani21

    Vapor Steamer

    Very good features! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Swani21

    Vapor Steamer

    Looks like a good price. I've been considering one for some time now.
  15. Swani21

    Wanting to start cleaning hardwood floors

    How much do you dilute per gallon? I used it on some engineered hardwood once when I ran out of my normal neutral cleaner and thought it did a good job but it kinda left a haze. So I remixed another batch and diluted it more and also used distilled water and it turned out great.
  16. Swani21

    Wanting to start cleaning hardwood floors

    Depending on what shape the floors are in Hydroforce has a really nice 3 step process to use on them.
  17. Swani21

    Wanting to start cleaning hardwood floors

    I would buy one of those if you ever decide to distribute.
  18. Swani21

    Wanting to start cleaning hardwood floors

    I have one and I really like it. It's fast and does a great job. Where it really shines is on engineered hard wood and laminate because it keeps you from over wetting.
  19. Swani21

    Wanting to start cleaning hardwood floors

    Hydroforce Wood Fresh system from interlink.
  20. Swani21

    2006 GMC 3500 Clean Co Compact 47

    Where are you located?
  21. Swani21

    How aggressive can i get on these chairs?

    I have some Avenge. Do you think I should invest in some Avenge HD?
  22. Swani21

    Pmf mach 12 wand or sapphire titanium 12"

    Going good! I'm still rockin the Boxxer. It's been a real good machine!