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  1. StevenB.

    Mytee Air/Water Hog - Complete Portable Set Up

    Why didn't you use it or try it out? That's a lot of stuff, resale on that sort of thing isn't going to work in your favor. I wish the best for you.
  2. StevenB.

    Mytee LX Vac Motors

    Here's the inside. I'm hoping to gain some performance by avoiding a manifold. I've heard lots of complaints about the single motor 6.6 air hog (and older generation models,retro fits etc.) that was recently discontinued. It had great suction out to 50 feet with two inch hose. The tank was too...
  3. StevenB.

    Mytee LX Vac Motors

    I'm removing my two 5.7's 3 stage and manifold and replacing it with one 6.6. I'll be adding a trailing booster with one 5.7 for now. I have some concerns about it overpowering my apo...Mine is the older generation dual vac air hog so it's designed to be a booster, it has plenty of room for 1...
  4. StevenB.

    How good are you at selling?

    I can sell well when I choose to but I don't try and add-on sales like I would if I were a tech making 40% commision. I was pretty good but I saw better. It takes time to sell properly you need a proper demonstration and presentation if you are doing it right. I'm not as aggressive as I once...
  5. StevenB.

    Beware!! Any of you doing hardwood or cleaning rugs in customers homes

    I'll expand on that a bit. To this day I've only done that one floor. It's been a slow process for me thus far adding the service. I'm ok with that. I've wanted to add wood floor cleaning for a while now, but don't like the risk Neither do a bunch of insurance companies. I'm covered to clean...
  6. StevenB.

    Pics do no justice, Revive it rocket on nasty commercial carpet

    Its a water box and it was discontinued a few years ago.
  7. StevenB.

    How to ID carpet fibers in 30 seconds or less!

    I used to use formic acid to do the same thing.
  8. StevenB.

    Rotovac sheardry upholstery tool $250

    That's an accurate description. I bought my sheardry a year ago as a package deal with crb,th40, water otter etc. It was the first newer generation hand tool I ever tried. Of course I give it high marks. The Mytee one had durability issues so I looked at the Drimaster and a few others. My...
  9. StevenB.

    Pump Up Sprayers? My patience is wearing thin!

    I've been using this one for 9 months now. I bought it a lowes I think. It feels kinda cheap but it's durable as hell. It was less than 30 bucks. I saw others that spoke highly of it so I gave it a shot.
  10. StevenB.

    Mytee LX Vac Motors

    I plug them in the same outlet.
  11. StevenB.

    Mytee LX Vac Motors

    Maybe this will help.
  12. StevenB.

    Mytee LX Vac Motors

    I run my otter at 600 psi and a hp 5.7 on one 15 amp circuit all the time here in Ca.
  13. StevenB.

    unusual situation I had

    Don't go crazy bouncing your ph. Vinegar is an acid but I agree with the rust and whatever contaminants were trapped in your lines. In other words try to get your ph back to an acceptable level. Acid will set some stains.
  14. StevenB.

    Mr.saiger and jared from odorcide

    I haven't used any of Saigers products or the TMF. I did recently purchase the TMF light and think it great. I try to support the local guys when I can but none of them offer what I can get the end user on boards like this. I've evolved towards encap/hwe for my residential business. I haven't...
  15. StevenB.

    Mytee LX Vac Motors

    Yeah I can, it hardly ever freezes here or snows.
  16. StevenB.

    Mytee LX Vac Motors

    I use cold water often when using my otter. I do use a hot prespray through my pump up sprayer and CRB for agitation. My opinion has changed a bunch about using cold water.
  17. StevenB.

    Mytee LX Vac Motors

    Why carry the otter when you don't need to, it has plenty of power for longer hose runs? I use an older dual vac airhog 144 inch lift 230 cfm at the machine. I can run both vacs and the otter all day on two 15 amp circuits. I also have a water box with the 220.
  18. StevenB.

    NEW Mytee ECO 1.5 HP coming in 2 weeks..What!!

    Look at the lightweight cord I'm using. It draws very little amps to run.
  19. StevenB.

    NEW Mytee ECO 1.5 HP coming in 2 weeks..What!!

    That's the bottom of my machine. My oreck is the XL pro model and it doesn't come close to this one in power. I use my oreck for stairs and that's about it.
  20. StevenB.

    NEW Mytee ECO 1.5 HP coming in 2 weeks..What!!

    Do you see a bog? That's with a 17.5 inch pad.
  21. StevenB.

    NEW Mytee ECO 1.5 HP coming in 2 weeks..What!!

    1249 bucks shipping and tax included for this thing is a steal. This is my first full size OP machine. I've never used one outside of my oreck orbiter. I've only had it for about 4 months but it gets a perfect score by me for residential work because of it's lightweight nature. I wondered about...