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  1. groutguy

    Buying a New Tile & Grout Spinner - What's Works for you?

    We have 2 turbos and keep one set as brush and one with nylon ring. Both have their uses. We use the heck out of them, they both need ring replacements. My brush is down to the plastic on the front side, just realized this today. That's not good. I like when the nylon rings are brand new and...
  2. groutguy

    Color Seal Shower?

    color sealer doesn't stick real well to unsanded... definitely not in a shower. If anything regrout shower.
  3. groutguy

    What is this block for?

    Okay, Thanks again!...Merry Christmas
  4. groutguy

    What is this block for?

    Thanks Todd, so in a pinch it looks like I could just bypass that for now and run that blue pressure hose directly to the unloader until I can get a new nipple?
  5. groutguy

    What is this block for?

    So I developed a bad water leak coming from the brass nipple connector that connects the unloader to this block. The brass piece is where you can see the white teflon tape, and it's leaking from the side that goes into the block. This is a TCS Chief II, my question is what does this block do...
  6. groutguy

    Online booking: Pro's and Con's

    I get a lot of online bookings and love it! What I like most is we are seeing a lot of people up-selling themselves when they get to the booking page by adding stretching, upholstery, tile and Scotchgaurd. I never sold much of that because I was not a good salesman. Now they just add it...
  7. groutguy

    Valves, Check Valves

    I am tired of wands that drip on peoples wood I am on a mission to simplify my wands so they all have the same valves and parts so I can keep them in stock and change out as needed. I am not sure why, but my two main wands are from different manufacturers but look identical, except...
  8. groutguy

    Need some ideas on sealing waste tank lid.

    Jim, where can we get this side mount?
  9. groutguy

    The reverse Angie's List

    I always joked that there should be something like this. However something tells me this has potentially huge issues. I have a dozen folks in the dozen years I have been at it. I'm not sure I would want these batsh!t crazy people to see what I posted about them.
  10. groutguy

    El Diablo run issue

    They have you banned from the el diablo owners page? I don't believe that page is managed by masterblend, just some guys that have el d's.
  11. groutguy

    El Diablo run issue

    If your on facebook, look up the el diablo group. Very knowledge el d folks there.
  12. groutguy

    Bumping clients - Good, bad or ugly?

    No, you can't bump people, some folks spend time moving stuff to get ready, or have a move out deadline.
  13. groutguy

    Anybody have any experience with PageHub?

    I despise companies that call and try and tell me they are affiliated with Google. Would you do business with a company who's first line is a lie?
  14. groutguy

    At what dollar volume do you add an employee? Another truck?

    This is a struggle for us as well, we stay busy right up to the new year and then boom! it drops off big time the first quarter. It seems no amount of networking or advertising helps. Some years have been okay but this past January and February was very slow for us. That coupled with a couple of...
  15. groutguy

    What would you change

    We recently simplified our chem line up and labeled the truck shelves, and the back up shelves to all match. We do have some oddball specialty chems in the shop but this is our go to lineup that we have on the trucks: Bridgepoint BioBreak Grout Master Baddog (USR) OSR All Fiber Rinse Viper...
  16. groutguy

    House Call Pro, extremely slow and unresponsive

    Ours is working great! very little down time. If we experience the issues you describe it's usually less than a minute.
  17. groutguy

    What are your favorite tools for hard surface cleaning?

    Yes, The brush ring will allow for any gritty sand or sharp objects to go up into the brush to keep from scratching stone. The ring can be changed out fairly easy on the turbo...just 3 screws on the top and the housing separates to change ring. I actually have 2 turbos, we keep one with the...
  18. groutguy

    What are your favorite tools for hard surface cleaning?

    We use the turbo spinner for open areas and either the cobra or gecko 4" for corners and edges. Mostly the cobra in residential where we need more control of over spray and the gecko in commercial where there is little wood or risk. The gecko is nice because you can stand up, we never changed...
  19. groutguy

    Need advice on jets

    I ordered the 11002 as Todd suggested, I think that will do it.
  20. groutguy

    Flash Cuffs

    I love the flash cuffs and have them on both trucks. When I installed them on the first truck a few years ago I had no problem threading them all the way on. The newer truck has what appears to be the same looking 2" blue vac hose, however I can't seem to get them to thread on more than a little...
  21. groutguy

    Need advice on jets

    No, it does seem as though it's getting worse. I just ordered new jets.
  22. groutguy

    Need advice on jets

    Yes, I tried that for a for a day and had no streaking issues but then again I didn't get the streaks on most jobs, just some. I put the wands back because my son does not like the problem wand. I don't blame him, I'm going to change the jets as Todd recommended, I think that will take care of it.
  23. groutguy

    Need advice on jets

    They are stainless, about a year old.