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    My son just asked to see the carpet machine that blows up LOL

    Haha awesome!! :) Hope your family is well!
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    Robs Polyester Tester

    They are in stock now :) Link:
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    Best cleaner for a gym

    Clean with a green seal certified product = Then add in 2 to 4 oz of Beachy Peachy = this will permanently eliminate any odor...
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    Opinions on Wands?

    Here is a lot of choices for wands and rotaries - plus our TMF Limited Edition wands:
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    We do offer affordable packages, our new designs are launching in mid Feb - Would love to get up with you. Send me an email
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    Rotovac Bonzer, Orbot Vibe, Orbot Sprayborg, Turbo Force Tile Tool

    Tons of killer deals with TMF Academy courses and more! Buy today to save on your 2018 taxes by writing these purchases off: SHOP BY CLICKING HERE
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    Buying a New Tile & Grout Spinner - What's Works for you?

    You can purchase a Turbo Hybrid here in the TMF Store:
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    No promo code needed! Click here to stock up before end of the year! 5% off $500-999 (includes 1 TMF academy course *$300 value) 10% off 1,000-1,499 (includes 2 TMF academy course *$600 value) 15% off 1,500-1,999 (includes 3 TMF academy course *$900 value) 20% off 2,000+ (includes 5 TMF academy...
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    Buying a New Tile & Grout Spinner - What's Works for you? I am assuming there is a remake of the SX models? Hmm....could that be why the SX-15 is out of stock for 4-6 months :)
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    New site Format

    We will be making adjustments to all of this by Sunday this week.
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    Buy 2 Pails and get $20 OFF Each, Free Shipping, Rob Allen Ride Along TMF Academy Course and more!

    FLASH SALE: Buy 2 RSF Free & Clear Pails (99% Green at RTU!) and get: $20 OFF Each Pail Free Shipping Rob Allen Ride Along Online Course Loyalty Reward Points back! Use code: RSF20PAIL at final checkout! Sale ends in 24 hours! Link to buy...
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    Chemical Pail Blowout Sale! Presprays, Rinses, Groutmaster and more!

    Today we are offering $15 OFF every single pail and FREE SHIPPING! Use promo code: 15CPAIL at the final checkout Buy your chemical pails here:
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    New battery for tmf uv light

    TMF sells them here:
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    Orbot Vibe

    Welcome to TMF, you are close to us - why did not you buy it from TMF? We offer some crazy deals on Orbot Vibe along with $600+ in TMF Academy Courses, $150+ Chemical packages and more. Here is TMF's listing =
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    New site Format

    I will be making a few navigation menu changes so you all would be more familiar with it in the next couple days.
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    Does an All Fabric Rug Shampoo exist?

    Have you tried Rug Smack? It is brand new all in 1 product that cleans Natural & Synthetic fibers by rug washing or as a rinse or as a prespray - it is universal and nothing else out there like this. = Have you...
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    TMF is offering FREE SHIPPING on every single item in the store (except truckmounts and/or lift gate services for LTL) Use promo code = SHIP4FREE Shop now here for carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals. May not be combined with any other coupon or past orders. FREE SHIPPING ENDS 12AM PST...
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    New site Format

    I just adjusted the size again down from 20 to 18 - can you try now and let me know your thoughts?
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    New site Format

    We made the font size much larger, should be good without having to do that
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    End of the year Large Chemical Orders

    If anyone is looking to put in any large chemical orders over at the TMF Store please reach out to me personally for discounts and free shipping.
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    New site Format

    Great to hear! We just have a couple other final touches, but in the meantime can you think of anything else you would like changed or added? Yes, I will actually be making this change today on the font size of the posts themselves - this is what you mean right or overall text like in the...
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    Black Friday Equipment Black Friday SALES!!!!!!

    Click the picture or this link to view all Equipment Black Friday Sales + you can use coupons + get loyalty rewards!! Also be sure to check out our massive chemical sale (here) which has free shipping too and includes TMF Academy Courses!
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    Featured TMF's Black Friday - Cyber Monday Deals! 2018, get yours NOW

    There is also new equipment mark downs with coupon codes you can use when browsing the website :)