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  1. longkenn

    Today I am officially old....

    LOL Yep, you and your little beefcake caricature! LOL:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  2. longkenn

    Today I am officially old....

    Welcome to the club! Me and a friend met at Golden Coral one day when I was still in my 40's. The girl at the cash register asked, "Are either of you senior citizens?" My buddy, without missing a beat, said, "I am not but he is (pointing at me as he said it." I got the ticket and low and...
  3. longkenn

    Hair Salon Bid

    What do you estimate it will take you to do what they want. After you determine time then add 20% to that for the times you will get delayed, dirtier than normal, yada, yada, yada. Then determine what will make it worth your time to do it. That is what you should charge. Do a contract. Tie your...
  4. longkenn

    For all you guys in the cold and snow...

  5. longkenn

    What's your go-to for tape residue?

    I had some tape residue on a CGD and I used citrus solv on it. Misted it on straight. Then agitated it with a 175 and I think a red pad, might have been green pad, then hit it with as much heat as I could muster. Most of it came out. I wouldn't promise the customer that It will all come out...
  6. longkenn

    Maps at it again!

    Google Fatigue! I hate Google.
  7. longkenn

    All the uses for citrus solve

    It removes chewing gum. Great on petroleum based stains.
  8. longkenn

    $$$ For re-stretching carpet

    Todd, there are several things to take into consideration. One thing that will trip you up is the vents in the floor. If you have a poorly laid carpet with a big buckle, or sometimes two or three, and you have to move the carpet a lot then the vents are not going to line up. You end up having to...
  9. longkenn

    Carpet looks burned...

    Regarding the wand marks. Some property managers want the wand marks so that the prospective renters can see that the carpet has been cleaned.
  10. longkenn

    Carpet looks burned...

    What kind of fiber is it? If you don't know for sure do a burn test. Then use the appropriate cleaning solution. Acid rinse.
  11. longkenn

    Trouble with Yelp?

    When Yelp calls I try to waste as much of their time as I possibly can so that they can not call other folks. I hate Yelp.
  12. longkenn

    Allowing techs take trucks home

    You would need a written policy stating that it is for business purposes only. IRS requires it if u supply company vehicle and deduct operating costs.
  13. longkenn

    Horror Story

    The world would be a great place if it weren't for all the people... :p
  14. longkenn

    Figuring CODB (Cost of doing business)

    I generally use total expenses divided by number of tickets that will give you an average cost per job. I don't get down to splitting hairs over costs on a particular job. Some cost more to do, some less. I do look at trends in spending by category. That is more informative than anything.
  15. longkenn

    Its that time again... TMF member of the year nomination thread

    Here we go again.... I get my annual Charlie Brown award. :bigtears:
  16. longkenn

    Engine shut off issue/ any ideas

    It could also be a failed float switch. Mine did exactly what you are describing. Disconnect the float switch or if it has a fuse of its own take the fuse out. If it continues to operate with float switch disconnected then your float switch is bad. As Todd said, you may have to tie leads of...
  17. longkenn

    Anyone have an Amtex Inferno 400 truck mount?

    Ben is a nice guy. The machines seem to be problematic. Check out Judson or Sapphire Scientific or Butler machines.
  18. longkenn

    Cleaning School Carpet

    I agree with Ed. You probably already have a buffer (175 rpm) and you just need the chemicals. The chemicals he posted are top notch.
  19. longkenn

    IPS Pro or Worx

    Worx. I tried the IPS and had problems with it after only a month. Maybe after it has been through about 10 generations will it be anything useful, but the Worx products are nearly always on target.
  20. longkenn

    Linen tile-How to clean & maintain?

    LOL I don't miss it! I hate golf. I never had time to practice it enough to be any good and then I went and got old and wear bifocals. The first time I took a swing at a ball with my bifocals I whacked the ground about a foot or so behind the ball on the tee. LOL Looked like I had never swung...
  21. longkenn

    Linen tile-How to clean & maintain?

    I have cleaned epoxy grout. All you need to do is put a drop of water on it and come back 10 minutes later. If it is sitting on top then you have either epoxy grout or well sealed concrete grout. Either way, you can use standard cleaning on it.
  22. longkenn

    Did anyone recognize your potential?

    It is sad that some of the people that had great potential in high school never lived up to it. I am sure my teachers never thought I would do much. One student I know who was voted most likely to succeed was a cheerleader, drill team, Beta club, yada, yada, yada, went on to become a stripper...
  23. longkenn

    VCT finish

    National Chemical Laboratories (NCL) One is a good one. Use a flat microfiber applicator.
  24. longkenn

    Headed to powder coater need your help

    You are showing your age... Mauve went out in the 80's