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    Radical Rinse - Limited time 2lb samples

    Friday at 8:19 PM New #6...
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    Radical Rinse - Limited time 2lb samples

    Hi Joe, I discontinued Confidence. Rocket is the same base formula plus citrus minus the berry scent. I sold Rocket 10 to 1 over Confidence.
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    Radical Rinse - Limited time 2lb samples

    Hi Ken, It is. This is what is important. For LM cleaning that container will clean approx 48,000 sf at a cost of $129. Double that as an encapsulating extraction rinse or booster. A case of liquid will cost more and clean about 24,000 at full strength ( 8oz per gallon) Considering the...
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    Radical Rinse - Limited time 2lb samples

    HI, While supplies last you can get a 2lb sample of Revive iT Radical Rinse for only $25 and it includes FREE shipping in the contiguous US. This is enough to rinse or boost up to 25,000 sf or LM clean up to 12,000 sf. Strict limit of 1 per customer.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Walking out of my sons school from a little 3rd grade Thanksgiving get together and saw this on a door. Amen.
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    Who's encapping/bonnet cleaning wool with a detergent with peroxide in it?

    No strong peroxide on wool and no cimex I normal blue micro fiber is fine. Im not a big micro guy but they are safe on wool, even my Ironman may be a little aggressive unless they are older. Something like Omega Citrus would be good as the pH is 7
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    Bonnet Pro - Closed for vacation - 11-24 returning 12-3

    I will be around next week if you guys need anything before I go. Thanks.
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    Browning In Traffic Areas Need Advice, Encapsulating

    Cimex with black pads? they are for stripping floors not for carpet. To aggressive especially under the weight of the Cimex. You need to flush this or use bonnets and peroxide like found in Rocket should help. Do you know how old this carpet is?
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    Bonnet Pro - New technology and product

    Your welcome. Thank you for posting guys.
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    Encapping In The Winter

    If they dont pay are they worth keeping?
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    Encapping In The Winter

    When its that bad you are going to have to do the hard work or pass on the job. They also need to reduce the amount they are probably dumping outside. Many retirement place over use ice melt products as an example. I have found that citrus and oxy seem to help. You are going to have to prespray...
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    Tried out Revive iT Rocket.

    Rocket has been tweaked improving the resoling rates and this will allow us to ad AFT in the near future. Its is still clear and the same formula with an addition to the polymer only.
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    NEW Mytee ECO 1.5 HP coming in 2 weeks..What!!

    John might use aluminum but it will drive up the cost as he would need to make a mold/die or hand fabricate like I do with the Mini. Lighter weight is good but it does come with a manufacturing cost. It would offset the 1.5 hp motors weight a little and that would reduce the amp draw a little.
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    What is your preferred method of Encap cleaning?

    I don't miss the days of dragging hose long distances and up stair towers or on the outside of an 8 story building. I would drop down a rope. Duck tape my 50foot hose connections I hope nobody walked below the hose. I don't think I would do that now.
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    Rockets Radical Rinse, the 1 ounce encap is Ready

    Thanks for the post. Since RR is an encap and contains AFT you would do better not to rinse.
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    Odor after encapping in dry carpet

    Did the rain storm cause any water infiltration causing an odor? If not, a little ProFresh goes a long way. Do they turn off the air over the weekend. I clean a dentist office and had this happen once.
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    Bonnet Pro - New super size sample pack includes Radical Rinse! Now you can create your own sample pack and choose from all of the selections below including new Radical Rinse. You have three categories and you will pic one from each getting exactly what you would want...
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    Rockets Radical Rinse, the 1 ounce encap is Ready

    Glad it also worked at the 1oz.. Thanks for posting.
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    Rockets Radical Rinse, the 1 ounce encap is Ready

    Hi Peter. I have not used RR as a pre spray but saying that I would think 8oz was over kill.
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    Rockets Radical Rinse, the 1 ounce encap is Ready

    Hi Peter, was that 8oz into a gallon placed in an injection sprayer or a pump up?
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    Need advice on cleaning hotel carpets using Encap

    I dont have a problem encapping the rooms unless you have a urine smell or blood stain. With faster dry times you are more likely to not have a bacteria bloom that could occur with a carpet wet for hours with the in room air heater/cooler off. Plus the encap should starve existing bacteria of...
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    Why most businesses fail!

    The five I live by: Trust in the Lord Work hard and very honestly strive to exceed expectations offer the best choices to solver the customers pains/needs Seek out wise counsel for faster learning and fewer mistakes. And maybe a 6th you better love what you do as money is a cruel master.
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    ISSA show in Dallas ! Any one going besides Me?

    I will have special FREE ship out 2lb samples for Radical Rinse, I'm not giving out samples other than at the show and I`m even paying the shipping. Plus special product discount coupons, You can get a free pass off of my home page if you need one.
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    Something NEW from Bonnet Pro

    A win for everybody