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    Restaurant How much to charge

    IF IT IS WAXED ....I WOULD PASS ON THE JOB.... WILL PROBABLY LOOK WORSE AFTER THE WAX IS ALL TORN UP??? you might try cleaning wo heat...but wax could still flake up.....
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    Advice needed please

    bro from what you are saying you dont have a lot of experience running a carpet cleaning business and may noot be able to run it without your workers??? difinetly a percentage..!!!....salary/commision???? set down and negotiate with your worker...what he expects and what is fair!!! if he has...
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    I would like help growing my business, or at least know why it didn't work. Unbelievable low revenues with no growth.

    bro i agree with johnny..... gotta interact wioth other carpet cleaners to get a few hints along the way
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    my hangup on using a rinse agent

    it makes no difference...been doing it for years....... just dont overdo it with heavy rinse mixed in your line....... if you have a good rinse like flex dont need much .....
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    I would like help growing my business, or at least know why it didn't work. Unbelievable low revenues with no growth.

    bro....some guys may disagree with me....but.... this business is not a sales business it is a service industry....... If you are looking at the next sales internet fad to sell your business it wont work..... They buy YOU...they know YOU...they refer others to YOU as a person...... it is all...
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    I would like help growing my business, or at least know why it didn't work. Unbelievable low revenues with no growth.

    diversify...commercial, tile, upholstery, ..... get commercial with repeat business....motels, hotels, resturants, apartments..... i have been doing motels the last few years and learned to tweek my method where i can still make 75$ an hour...they all know each my area
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    New Business, looking for advice

    30-50$ here You gotta get your system down to clean 6-8 apts a day...... Call If u need more info... Marcus 512/868-9008
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    New portable owner for tile and grout cleaning... need advice

    Bro there is only 2 ways to scrub grout lines.... imo..... 1. Hand scrub brush... 2. Or crb. Where the brush gets down into the grout.... A 175 will scrub tile but won't get into the groutlines It will take a learning curve but you gotta let that crb brush go down into the grout ... Takes...
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    Mytee vs EDIC Galaxy

    Bro Don't know if u mentioned it But you can't clean rentals wo a scrubber Best for rentals is a 175..... The best tm in America can't clean rentals wo a least not correctly.. Look at posts from Jeff in houston.... He is an expert on rentals..... Get a lite weight 175...
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    New Business, looking for advice

    Bro..... I am 100% up on truckmounts...... However I have done many apartments.... Using a tm....... I can say from experience that a tm can be a pain on 3rd floor apts...even 2nd row apts....for 30$ As you have to breakdown and setup..... Would be easier with a portable Namco in Houston has...
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    New Business, looking for advice

    what state ru located in?????
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    Obama's gone....Roaring 20's begin again !!!

    i dont usually get involved in political topics.... however this is my observation over the years between the 2 parties..... one side of my family is staunch republican...the other side is staunch democrat..... what I have noticed from republicans is they are allowed to discuss and criticize...
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    Prochem Everest hp650

    like what I said 1000-8000 hours.... average run time for a TM is 500-1000 hours a year that is 10- 20 hours a week..... 8 years do the math - 8000 hours..... life of those particular machines is max max 10,000 hours... usually around 5-6k things start breaking blower engine pump, hx...
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    ISSA show in Dallas ! Any one going besides Me?

    any equipment booths(portable TM) or only supplies and chems????????
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    Prochem Everest hp650

    isnt there a way to see how old the TM is like year/ month of production?????
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    Prochem Everest hp650

    agree on the hour meter..... i have seen those prochems get 6-8k hours and have a similiar look it could have 1000 hours or it may have turned over and have 10,011 hours??? garuntee looking at the rust and the wear on the front pipes and doesnt have 11 hours... if i were to...
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    Does color seal really work? (Live AMA #2)

    yes it works but it can be a royal pain if it starts coming up when you reclean.....behind a color seal job when you dont know it was color sealed....... even if you knew it was color sealed it can still peal up during a clean..... best to take your time ...use groutmaster...scrub with a...
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    Need help on my first major bid!

    agree with rob ask them their budget or you are wasting your time.......!!!!! I do a school every year.....around 35 rooms....move chairs against the walls..... I was charging 60$ a year they dropped me for someone else...... called them back next year and dropped it to 40$...
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    more etm Porn htpe plastic waste tank

    I remember calling on a party line when I was a kid at my grandmas house..... 10 surrounding neighbors would share the telephone line.......
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    ISSA show in Dallas ! Any one going besides Me?

    will there be truckmount sellers and portable sellers at the show... or mainly just janitoarial booths??
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    ISSA show in Dallas ! Any one going besides Me?

    looking into it hows your everest holding up?????
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    more etm Porn htpe plastic waste tank

    I will order a Roto mold tank this week for my 47 blower tm....... From what I am reading it will hold and not bend at least as strong as an aluminum tank.... Also need the tank to be easy to plumb for apo.....
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    2013 Chevrolet Express 3500/ Butler System

    those them or dont them.... direct drives..... seem to have a good reputation and good resale value....... still wudnt buy here in texas few people know how to work on them... maybe in dallas and houston.....dont know any around central texas as most use slide in.....
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    Should I stick with ETM or go for a Entry Tm?

    If you are in a large city with a lot of high rises a sporty might be the best machine
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    Just picked up this hose

    this hose is absolutely the best i have used..... from tractor supply wont kink or harden in a freeze easy to role up and braking and ends are durable \