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  1. rob allen

    Big Papa & the Future Pro

    Awesome. I was told I’d be a pro too. Look at me now, king hack.
  2. rob allen

    Barely-Used MT HM423 for sale

    Just asking, but is the HM unit one of the units that were problematic with the aluminum heads?
  3. rob allen

    I'm back!

    Check out 100% guaranteed. Congrats and welcome back. PS:What did “moved to Discord” mean?
  4. rob allen

    Couple of questions

    Take my HWE, UPH and tile/grout/stone classes. They are 100% guaranteed. They are 3 parts; 1) Classroom 2) On hands school demo 3) Complete live job Franchise quality, easy to understand, practical and adaptable to any business model. It has cut the learning curve of hiring new techs for us...
  5. rob allen

    Couple of questions

    Get training and thank me later. 100% guaranteed to change your business and profits.
  6. rob allen

    At what point should you buy new trucks?

    I'll add to OP, or a very low mileage newer model.
  7. rob allen

    How to Mask Off Kitchen Cabinets

    A little trick for those that get overspray of an alkaline, use dab alcohol on a microfiber cloth. Works like a champ!
  8. rob allen

    At what point should you buy new trucks?

    I see so many cleaners fixing and wrenching on their trucks and crying the blues. The kicker is though that they have been in business for 5 plus years and have a solid clientele built up. So why keep fixing the hoopty? Why not buy new and reduce your head aches greatly? At what point should a...
  9. rob allen

    Marble shower issue

    Makes sense and yes I like my bathroom stone.
  10. rob allen

    Can I use USOR on Upholstery?

    Straight on synthetics, but cut to 4-6oz per gallon water for naturals. Peroxide is fine as long as 3% is not exceeded
  11. rob allen

    Who's encapping/bonnet cleaning wool with a detergent with peroxide in it?

    Most “ruggies” agree that 3% does no harm and can be repeated every 8 hours. Our SuperCap falls under that category.
  12. rob allen

    Marble shower issue

    I have a granite shower. Seem to have no issues. Do you think it’s because theirs no tiles so less joints?
  13. rob allen

    unchained USOR......Sealed concrete floors ?

    Yes. Just because a floor was sealed doesn't mean their is seal still there. Chemicals, improper application, abrasion, environmental factors and time could contribute to loss. I would use it and have.
  14. rob allen

    Marble shower issue

    Excellent information guys. I think I will pass this info onto him but I don't plan on taking it on. I've been cutting back and moving towards retirement. I only take the gravy jobs if I take any. One more question. Do you think this just a visual or potential structural issue?
  15. rob allen

    Marble shower issue

    Just went to a place by the beach and this guy had a marble shower put in. He thinks that this is rust but he doesn’t have well water to effect the bottom of the shower. Noticed that the marble is darker up to about 6 inches around the bottom. It seems to me that maybe there is moisture behind...
  16. rob allen

    Awkward situations in clients homes

    We’ve all had them. What’s some awkward moments you can remember? Here’s one from my rookie years.
  17. rob allen

    My new 13 inch scrubber find on Craigslist

    I need to do a video and pit them against each other.
  18. rob allen

    Have any of you ever built a gas powered Tm like this before?

    Listening to it seems he bolted the tm to the floor board of the truck. That’s not good. Other than that seems pretty simple and has potential
  19. rob allen

    Rate My Sales Thread

    That is good. 20k is what we shoot for each month on each truck.
  20. rob allen

    Sporting new TMF shoes today
  21. rob allen

    Sporting new TMF shoes today

    Good point. We wear shoe covers after getting started tho