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  1. dave40

    Bonnet Pro - New technology and product

    This product is wow I used it on the couch last week wow this was phenomenal thank you John
  2. dave40

    Surround omega citrus encap cleaning

    I have this encap machine from vonschrader and I test it . Johns product from bonnet pro wow [emoji50] surround omega with citrus [emoji521] this product actually gave me just the right foam coming out of my machine smell is just out of this world [emoji288] if you want give one a try...
  3. dave40

    Rug smack

    What do you use as rince Jeff
  4. dave40

    Rug smack

    I don’t know what they did with Rug smack they knocked it out of the ballpark take a look at this beautiful polypropylene rug bunch of staying on it came out beautiful the only thing you have to do with it once you lay it down make sure you CRB it or any other form of agitation thank you Rob for...
  5. dave40

    Waste-away from bonnet pro

    Anyone use waste away from bonnet pro. I need to know if it’s save to use on Persian rug and then bonnet it out since there is no pile to this rug.
  6. dave40

    CRB or orbot vibe

    Here we are cleaning tile and grout and also carpet can’t afford the 2 pieces of equipment what would you guys choose CRB 15 inch or orbot vibe Both around the same price range any advice would help thank.
  7. dave40

    100% synthetic or not

    With the felt involved is this 100% synthetic or not
  8. dave40

    Multi sprayer

    Question for you guys hey. Put Oxy plus in the multi sprayer do you think in will damage the pump.
  9. dave40

    How much furniture do you move?

    It’s quite simple to move all the little stuff and charge for the heavy furniture it’s not much trouble with our sliders
  10. dave40

    hydro kinetic upholstery tool

    Does anybody use the hydro kinetic upholstery tool for cleaning. Thanks
  11. dave40

    Clay tile

    I just did some clay tile with grout master now after the job was done it turned out whites the tile that’s not the grout lines I will give you guys a picture This is it before I did not take me after I left the job know if I need to go back in order to wipe that up what is my best option I have...
  12. dave40

    Orbot Vibe Machine SALE for VLM / Encapsulation

    Are you guys still having a sale on the orbot vibe
  13. dave40

    hi i am looking to by the everst 650 its 2016 with 167 hours on it not shure its good units lots...

    hi i am looking to by the everst 650 its 2016 with 167 hours on it not shure its good units lots of diferents opinion out there.the guys wants 16,000,00 for it thanks for any info
  14. dave40

    Shower cleaning

    Wow I just got a phone call guys now they want to deal with to three different companies because they probably want the best price here is 136 showers in a hotel next to the airport I will be going there on the 24th to take pictures and see what we have to deal with I have no idea what to charge
  15. dave40

    Commercial tile cleaning

    Viper venom renew and Ninga with spinner that it but the guy says not acceptable I will se this tomorrow evening
  16. dave40

    Commercial tile cleaning

    Hey guys need some info this tile was cleaned with viper venom renew last week the owner is not happy now my friend called me and asked for some help,so my question is will grout master work better on this tile of tile I will also put some citrus solvent for degreasing thanks in advance
  17. dave40

    Revive and prosgrade Citrus solvent

    Kick acid grout master bio pro 10 K revive citrus solvent pros gread
  18. dave40

    Prochem Everest

    I don’t think we are aloud this in Canada
  19. dave40

    Prochem Everest

    Other one is advendger 450 from prochem good little machine put new Honda engine in it 20 hp running good
  20. dave40

    Revive and prosgrade Citrus solvent

    Job canceled next one Todd I will but will need quick response thanks