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  1. AZHome&Carpet

    Stubborn Stain Help

    I tried so hard to get these stains out. Began with encap scrubbed. Bonnet and got better. Then Used TMF Gel, TMF Red Out. Then presprayed, HWE 500 psi, with my Edic Heater. Any recommendations on how I could of improved? Sorry took the pics from afar. I wanded several times and didn’t want to...
  2. AZHome&Carpet


    I tried so hard to get these stains out. Used TMF Gel, TMF Red Out. 175, HWE 500 psi, with my Edic Heater. Any recommendations on how I could of improved? Sorry took the pics from afar. I wanded several times and didn’t want to do it again.
  3. AZHome&Carpet

    Carpet Cleaning In “SNOW”

    It’s nice working in our area. Second snow already of the season! Carpet jobs slow down a ton. Glad we still fall back on other services.
  4. AZHome&Carpet

    Excess Carpet Fuzz

    I pre-vac slowly, using a Shark Apex. (Their top of the line) But still get tons of excess carpet fuzz on this carpet today. It’s a low end carpet IMHO but in a high end community. Why do some carpets do this so badly?
  5. AZHome&Carpet

    Cold Client Operators

    This is the first year I’ll have expensive equipment to keep safe during the winter. It gets cold here.... ALREADY SNOWED! Lol winterizing long term I think I’d just run rv antifreeze (or whatever anyone says is best) through my pump, wands that don’t get used much. How do you care for machines...
  6. AZHome&Carpet

    Cross American Power Booster 6.6

    Today was the first full day I used my C/A Power Booster. Wanted to say, it works terrific! So easy to wheel around, can plug in to any available outlet. Made my wand clearly work better no questions asked. Worked my butt off today on two tough jobs to pay for my new to me Jaguar 8.4 that’s...
  7. AZHome&Carpet

    Ugliest Wand Co.

    Man they need to call the maker of this wand, the Ugly Wand Co!
  8. AZHome&Carpet

    Homemade APO

    I know a few here have made APOs. Anyone willing to share designs? I’m thinking, just thinking I’m no engineer of course, just a blockhead that appreciates help. Could I use a 5 gal bucket? Put 2” hose barbs one on each side, a sump in the middle?
  9. AZHome&Carpet


    Since I started dedicating more time to Carpets I’ve been using a Edic Power scrubber or a cheap eBay single jet wand. I like my Edic but it’s not the tool of choice on every job. I’d like to get a new wand, something of better quality then my cheap $100 eBay wand. I use a 500 psi porty...
  10. AZHome&Carpet

    TMF UV Light

    Just another success story using a TMF UV light. Flashed it on a carpet and got a $245 carpet job because of it. Paid for itself plus some in one cleaning! Thx Rob! Being a custom flashlight snob I did have to upgrade my 18650 battery to a LG one, and use my much better charger. But really like...
  11. AZHome&Carpet

    TMF Pen

    Wanted to say thx u for whoever tossed the TMF pen in with my order today. I never saw a pen that logo lights up! Pretty darn cool!
  12. AZHome&Carpet

    Petrified National Forest

    I don’t live in a area that has a lot of well known stuff. It’s pretty rural here. But had a cool job in the Petrified National Forest cleaning carpets. Was pretty cool. It’s about 1.5 hrs away.
  13. AZHome&Carpet

    Porty can make $

    Averaged today over $200.00 a hr and worked only 4.5 hrs using a porty, a 175 and crb. Sometimes porty guys get knocked around here like we can’t bring home the bacon too! Not bragging but $200 a hr is good money. Much of which I credit to help I get here, and then busting buy butt putting my...
  14. AZHome&Carpet

    Front Doors with TM

    I’m a porty guy, but always trying to learn the advantages and disadvantages of TMs. I’ll never rule out using one after I get a bit more experience and client base. Curious in our area it’s very hot during the day, very cold at night. Heating and AC bills are high. Saturday I did a job and the...
  15. AZHome&Carpet

    Sealant for rotomolded plastic?

    Upgraded to 2” on my new porty. But the way it was designed there’s no way to get a nut on the back of the 2” starter. I want to make a shield for splash instead since I can’t use a 90. Anyone know what glue/sealant works ok with rotomolded plastic?
  16. AZHome&Carpet


    Just wondering. Im sure this is wicking but want to ensure it gets corrected for the client properly. I’ve not encapped a problem area like this before. Lightly apply encap to stain, and cotton buff? If that’s correct, will I be able to see Immediate correction? Stain appeared after HWE the...
  17. AZHome&Carpet

    Power Booster from Cross America

    If someone uses this can anyone explain how the front of the machine is designed? I bought it used and honestly haven’t even turned it on yet. But the front of the tank has a door with screws all the way around but doesn’t fit exactly what I’d call snuggly into the tank. What’s its purpose...
  18. AZHome&Carpet

    Cutting 2” hose

    My 50’ 2” hose is awesome but too long at times. What’s the best connectors to use? I want to use them as 2 25’ hoses but don’t want leaky crummy connectors. Thx u!
  19. AZHome&Carpet

    220 psi vs 500 psi

    Stupid question but I really appreciate the help. I’m going from a 220 psi machine to a 500 psi. Unfortunately my current machine is 13 gal, and new one is smaller it’s only 10. When going up to 500 psi does the technique change at all? Cause I’d imagine it’s going to go through a lot of water...
  20. AZHome&Carpet

    Talked to Powr Flite about the junk they call an extractor today.

    Well first I’ll start out with good news. I spoke to a fellow who works for Powr Flite today about the crappy extractor they sold me. Long story short I bent this guys ear and turned him on to the forum. Powr Flite is getting blown out of the water not monitoring their online image, selling...
  21. AZHome&Carpet


    Does PSI go down with long hose runs? I endlessly read about suction of course but what about PSI?
  22. AZHome&Carpet

    Power Booster - Air Hog

    I bought a Cross American Power Booster. I wanted a air hog but got a great deal. Either way I’ll be happy as it was a toss up if I was going to buy new. Curious to ask people that use one of these or something similar to tell me how owning ones benefitted them? How do you use yours? I have a...
  23. AZHome&Carpet

    Good day at last!

    It’s nice to see forward progress. I was kinda discouraged with buying my first van and found out it needed work. But yesterday I figured it out and fixed it! Today I finally got my van kinda setup. I’m so happy not having to toss everything in the back of my Expedition. I like my Expedition a...
  24. AZHome&Carpet

    Replacement lid for powr flite

    My powr flite has had about every single part replaced due to poor quality in a few mths! The clear plastic screw in lid broke now during a job! Isn’t it just a 6” marine hatch lid? They look to be 1/2 the price on amazon verses steambrite. Steambrite really ticked me off. I placed my first...
  25. AZHome&Carpet

    Power Booster

    Trying to learn a bit about inline boosters a bit more. My question is specific for the cross americian. Do I understand correctly that it doesn’t collect waste water? It has no storage ability itself?