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  1. CTI Courtney

    New CTI Product: "OS-1"

    Hello! OS-1 is a ready to use version of OSR. Our Molecular Modifier would be similar to Nature's Miracle.
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    Free Carpet Sharks in OSR!

    If you ask me, this is an AMAZING idea!!! LOL
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    New CTI Product: "OS-1"

    Thanks Luky! OS-1 has been doing really well so far. I have noticed we have been getting tons of positive feedback on the scent...which is not too overpowering.
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    Free Carpet Sharks in OSR!

    Hi All! Keep an eye out for our limited edition jars of OSR, which will contain a free carpet shark. If you are not familiar with our carpet sharks, they are the ultimate tool for carpet cleaners...perfect for easy gum removal. Watch this quick video for more info:
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    New CTI Product: "OS-1"

    X-Cide would be my go-to for the odor and Stain Magic for Wool for the visible stains.
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    New CTI Product: "OS-1"

    No, this product is not suitable for natural fibers as it's an oxidizer and can bleach out the fibers.
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    New CTI Product: "OS-1"

    We have a few distributors in the Houston area, but they haven't brought the new product in quite yet. If you let them know you want it though, they can get it for you. Here is our distributor map: If you are not able to get it from them...
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    New CTI Product: "OS-1"

    It isn't posted yet, but we will have a promo online that will be 25% off, good through 6/30/17. Yes, you are right, the buy 3 get 1 free is good at participating distributors, so you will want to check with your local distributor and request the product and see if they are offering the intro...
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    New CTI Product: "OS-1"

    This products sells for $19.95 a gallon.
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    New CTI Product: "OS-1"

    Hi all! I am happy to announce that we have released a great new product called OS-1. It is a ready to use, all in one, high performance Odor and Stain remover. OS-1 Is a good alternative for odorous spots when you are low moisture cleaning and water extraction is not a good option. With OS1...
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    FB I cleaned customers carpet today and...

    If it is from an acidic tile cleaner then going the opposite direction with an alkaline (non-sudsing) household ammonia diluted 1:3 with water is what I usually recommend but I'd do a small test spot to see if it responds. However, if it's from an ammonia based cleaner (alkaline) then you would...
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    Pro's Choice Webinar Tonight 8.11.2016 6 pm PST

    Interested in making more money? Who isn't!?! Please join Craig "the Master" Jasper in the Pro's Choice webinar room tonight, Thursday, August 11th at 6pm as he goes over the new Pro's Choice Wood Care Clean and Protect products. Learn how to apply these fantastic products and how to upsell it...
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    Odor Solutions By: Pro's Choice

    Hi there we do not have a sample pack as of yet. I am hoping to see that roll out soon. What is your email I can get you some more info.
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    Odor Solutions By: Pros Choice Webinar

    Hello, If you want to know more about combating odor and the New Odors Solutions line by Pro's Choice come and pick the brain of the " MASTER JASPER" in a Pro's Choice Web room tomorrow 7/14/2016 just click on the green "WEBINAR on air" icon on the lower...
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    Odor Solutions By: Pro's Choice

    LOL... Yes Frou Frou... Frilly, fruit, cupcake scents. All of our odor solutions line is designed to eliminate odors fast and forever. All of the essential oils used are as a pairing agent to rid and neutralize the odor not mask them.
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    Odor Solutions By: Pro's Choice

    Odor Solutions by Pro's Choice We recently attended the Contractor's Connection Convention in Las Vegas where we debuted our line of odor control products geared towards restoration, Odor Solutions by Pro's Choice. Here is a brief rundown of this amazing lineup of products What's New? The...
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    Nasty commercial

    For a job like that I'd say Pro's Choice Firestorm followed by Pro's Choice SCR as a rinse. Any agitation will be a plus for getting it clean. One issue to be aware of is that if it's been that long since it's been cleaned, wicking may be an issue. Anything you can do to minimize your dry...
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    Tech Tuesday with Todd

    Hello Cleaners! We here at CTI hope you had a GREAT holiday. If you are looking for some tech help, have a stain that has you stumped or would like to catch on some advanced carpet cleaning tips and tricks ... log in now 7/5/2016 10 - 11 am PST go to the green...
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    Event Wood Care

    What about Wood Care? Craig will be doing a basic wood care class Thursday 6/16/2016 in the Pro's Choice web class. just click the green WEBINAR ON AIR button at the lower right corner. This web class is free and will help you tap into a GOLDMINE of add on work you...
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    Cleaning News Pro's Choice Ozones just got better!

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    Congrats Tiffany and Marcin!
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    General cleaning I use this on everything
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    Do you own a dog? ((Poll))

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    FB What's the best thing to use to get Marijuana...

    What is your email address I will send you some more info in X cide for Smoke CT
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    Pro's Choice Citra Quick or Pro's Choice Citra Quick C.A.R.B (depending on the state you live in) Followed by cleaning with wool appropriate products ( Pro's Choice Ultra TLC and Pro's Choice Natural Fiber Cleaner). After testing for dye stability first of course.