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  1. pgcleaner

    Encapulation with procyon

    So does procyon extreme have surfactants?
  2. pgcleaner

    New Owner/Operator looking for tips

    Not all property managers a good. The smaller companies are better.
  3. pgcleaner

    New Owner/Operator looking for tips

    Start calling property managers and realtors and flooring stores.
  4. pgcleaner

    List your most effective advertising

    Call your past customers and see if they want to get on the schedule.
  5. pgcleaner

    Best Prespray mix!

    All Vacaway pre sprays: Encap Green (neutral pH) Grease Hawg (12.5 pH delimonene) Spot N Boost (spotter/booster pH 9) Detonator peroxide booster (20%) Safe N Soft (pH 5, delimonene) Hell Gel (delimonene gel) Odorcide (not Vacaway) Everything from a cotton shampoo, wool prespray, urine...
  6. pgcleaner

    Some time less vaccum is better more vaccum is overkill

    So the harder the blower sucks, the more resistance it creates along the hose line? And the more resistance there is, the less available vacuum power there is? My 33 blower has the vac relief set to 17 Hg, but it runs at about 8 Hg with an open 2 inch hose at 100 feet. I guess that leaves me...
  7. pgcleaner

    Loss of vacuum on long hose runs TM vs. Portable

    You've had both a TM and an ETM setup, right? What does 2 LX motors feel like at the end of 150 feet? Even my 33 blower sucks the blood out of my hand at 150 feet, I just can't see 2 electric motors matching that.
  8. pgcleaner

    Loss of vacuum on long hose runs TM vs. Portable

    I do a fair bit of vlm. It comes in handy. Depends on the customers needs.
  9. pgcleaner

    Loss of vacuum on long hose runs TM vs. Portable

    This is why I am considering the etm life. I like the Vortex lite, because I do a fair amount of high rise work.
  10. pgcleaner

    Loss of vacuum on long hose runs TM vs. Portable

    Heat exchangers, gages, issue with motor sensors.
  11. pgcleaner

    Loss of vacuum on long hose runs TM vs. Portable

    After 18 months with a TM, the downtime it has caused is making me consider the etm life. My average run is 150 feet.
  12. pgcleaner

    Cotton upholstery, dry clean only?

    Shrinking has been my main concern with cotton.
  13. pgcleaner

    Anybody ONLY do carpet cleaning?

    I have been offering only carpet cleaning for about 3 months the now. No upholstery, rugs, tile, etc. I love it. I love saying 'no' to every person that just wants one area rug cleaned. I love saying no to bending over furniture for hours at a time. I love not having to ask a million...
  14. pgcleaner

    Best Residential Encap

    I would put that particular Vacaway combo up against any other chemicals.
  15. pgcleaner

    Encap residential dog urine

    I really like the idea of using bonnet cleaning and a shop vac/spotter with a water claw for urine treatments. @RobWhat are your thoughts on prespotting with Unchained and a black light (sorry it's a Hydramaster not TMF ) and using a water claw before a proper pad-encap cleaning? (Vac...
  16. pgcleaner

    VLM in 2022?

    I wouldn't pay for VLM in my home. Would you?
  17. pgcleaner

    Kunkle Valve or Spring loaded relief valve?

    Thanks for the advice. I have a SS waste tank. My runs are either 100 or 150, but I sometimes go to 200. The suction is noticeably less with each 50 foot section. Considering using a kunkle to preserve my lift out to longer runs.
  18. pgcleaner

    Vacaway chemicals

    I asked Steve from Vacaway. He said they do not use any butyls or optical brightners. What other specific chemicals should I ask him about?
  19. pgcleaner

    Kunkle Valve or Spring loaded relief valve?

    Do you have to adjust it for each run depending on the type of carpet? Shaggy carpets don't lock down as much as a Berber.
  20. pgcleaner

    VacAway Encap Green review

    Their blast combo is my daily.
  21. pgcleaner

    Looking to add Carpet and Tile cleaning to Natural Stone repair and maintenance business

    Why not just sell jobs and sub them out to the dedicated carpet cleaners in your town? You'll learn and earn at the same time.
  22. pgcleaner

    Anybody ONLY do carpet cleaning?

    Strong oxidizer. Apply lightly, wait and see if it starts fading. Rinse and repeat. If that doesn't work you will need to use a reducing agent and a steam iron. If that doesn't work, then it is permanent. The fact is that some stains just won't come out. My go to line is "if this doesn't work...
  23. pgcleaner

    Mattress cleaning

    Will the peroxide cause browning if there is cotton or rayon in the mattress?