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    Yeah it probably is wicking, especially if they were not visible after cleaning. Did you use an acidic rinse when cleaning? In my experience they should come right up.
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    Takeover vs Startover

    I took over a business, and it's working out great, but your situation is different. If it's not operating in the black then how are you supposed to make money AND pay off the loan? I have no idea how well maintained the equipment is, but if one of them isn't to old and worn out maybe try...
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    I use white vinegar and do it every 100hrs, I have hard water where I'm at so in have to do it more often.
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    Why portables?

    luckily my area doesn't have buildings with more then 8. He'll we got our first escalator in a building 5 years ago.
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    OT: The TM Forums Pet Thread

    That has to be a mix, because it doesn't look like any pom I've ever seen. Still a cute lil pup tho.
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    Water Softener Maintenance

    Just recharge them every 25-50 hrs depending on your water hardness. A bag of salt is like $5 and will be good for a few charges. I usually run it for an hour. I have 3 softeners, one over 15 years old and they do their job if you charge them.
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    Prochem Everest Running Rich

    If it's not the air filter it could be your valves or injectors.
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    Spark plug gap for the 63hp ford on a triton ls

    Anyone know what it should be? Couldn't find anything in my printout.
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    Boost all traffic lanes

    Yep, it's not the highest PH but I've never had issues since it has Biosolv in it. Usually mixed at 1.5 oz per gallon, we only boost it with oxy for light carpets and tlc for the student rentals/ nasties. We used to use formula 70 mixed with express lane. We experimented with enzall and...
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    Boost all traffic lanes

    I really like Chemspecs traffic lane cleaner v2. I just add it into the PreKleen I use. If I'm working on light colored carpet I'll add in some peroxide. I am using oxy shot but will buy the pure 02 with citra.
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    Making a new truckmount out of junk

    What's your TM?
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    Reducing moisture in basement

    The dehu is what he needs. If he has a drain or sump pump he can run hose to it so he can leave it on 24/7.
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    How I handled an upset client

    You did a great job Rob, I'm slowly raising prices and had someone complain that 2 rooms, hall, and 2 sets of steps with little furniture moved went from $100 to $140. After hearing horror stories of other cleaners I hope they call someone else next time so they appreciate what we provide.
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    Customer Service Experience With Equipment Suppliers Sprayer Depot, Steambrite, Rotovac

    I've had pretty good experiences with my interlink, except with the auto pump-out they installed on my hydramaster. I was melting relays until I finally busted out the wiring diagram and realized they used a 14 or 16 gauge wire when the book called for a 12 gauge I replaced it and it's been...
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    Tm5 crb

    How old is the crb?
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    Hydramaster X Drive, any new reviews?

    Oh that was the plan. My interlink was just going to give the plans to the welder next door and charge me a nice fee. It's going to be a bent and welded box, rivets can't fail if there are no rivets.
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    Hydramaster X Drive, any new reviews?

    It's literally the box the exhausts, heat exchanger and muffler all connect. Box rusted a little and some rivets failed. My dealer said the HM rep said they stopped making that part, but could manufacture me one in a month if I'm lucky. Said they'd send my dealer the plans and they could make...
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    Hydramaster X Drive, any new reviews?

    I really don't understand all the hate for heat exchangers on this board. It's not hard to install a water softener and recharge it every 25-50 hours and descale it ever 50-100 hrs. When your hoses get frosty it's already been too long. I live in appalachia, we have lots of problems with scale...
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    Hydramaster X Drive, any new reviews?

    even with the pulley upgrades you can do with the sapphire to really spin the blower? I'm only going off spec sheets and did not notice the x-drive but I'm looking her up now. I've only ever used a White Magic pro 1900, Triton ls and a Hydramastwe 875 Titan. I really wish I could find parts...
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    Hydramaster X Drive, any new reviews?

    I really like the nissans too, mostly because taking off that front dash cover just to access the engine is a pita. Hopefully Chevy gets smart and makes a new van like that. I'm resistant to change just because I know the 1999-2014 Chevy's pretty well now.
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    cleaning times

    Haven't tried em all, but the worst one i have is an old Chemspec, it's great on carpets but it's bulky and heavy. What really helps is putting on a smaller vacuum hose, won't wear you down like the 1.5 in hose can over time.
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    cleaning times

    it's flow is definitely lacking a little, and it makes my triton shoot steam when cooling it off, but they work great for my needs. I'm sure on commercial the hydramaster Will work great, I just clean a lot of junk furniture that's been around a long time.
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    Hydramaster X Drive, any new reviews?

    I'm a big fan of old rusty Chevy's that leak fluid every time you start up the 6.0. My next van will be direct drive and I was thinking of the sapphire 1200 se. Is the X drive supposed to be comparable or a step above? My only pause is that it's hydramaster, love my titan 875, hate how...
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    cleaning times

    I have two of em, they work pretty well but they like to snag on material if you're not careful. Still prefer my sapphire upholstery tool. If you're cleaning straight level surfaces the drimaster is the way to go.
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    cleaning times

    Right now we just pre spray and extract, we usually can get two rooms and a hall done in about 45 minutes set up and pack up. It helps when you have the big blowers and plenty of heat. Prices are going up because I'm buying a few 10inch crbs so we can start agitation. Just worried how much...