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    Everything is relative. If green cleaning products are so much safer, why are urged to not touch the stuff with bare hands? Speaking of evolution, it takes at the very least, several centuries for our bodies to evolve the capability to digest new and unnatural chemicals. Yet they keep cooking up...
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    Encapsulation - Film Former or Crystallizer

    Does anyone own or has anyone used "Whittaker" machines or their crystal products? Whittaker claims all crb machines are based on their design which was copied after their patent rights were exhausted. Like everyone else here, I'm trudging through marketing rhetoric vs actual capability of...
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    Bane clene equipment

    I used a bane unit over four months in 1980. "Maximount" unit. Best cleaning I ever did. I was the fixer for the other lame and lazy crew. I want to buy or lease one now. It has to be a post 2005 direct drive unit. Bane units now have high-power options that compliment its rugged industrial...
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    Bane clene equipment

    I will start calling on Friday morning. Thanks
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    Bane clene equipment

    Sounds good. I'd like to hear from both of you.
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    Bane clene equipment

    Do you still have any of this equipment?