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  1. Bud B

    new and need advice

    Small rural areas are harder to get built up IMO. I'm in one! But marketing is a bigger factor than the big machine. Don't bite off to much! I started with a porty and my P/U with a cap....wish I had researched it more..
  2. Bud B

    Taking days off...

    Make hay while the sun shines! There will be time for laying around later. I go offshore commercial fishing and when I get home I clean/run the carpet biz. I don't fish as hard as I use to I will admit that, but hey, I'll be 52 in 3 days. I still make the young bucks look bad!
  3. Bud B

    Removing pet stains

    Find spot... OSR...get money and go home! Yes, that easy!
  4. Bud B


    Call backs I have seen were wicking. 175 with an encap solution seems to be the quickest fix. Sometimes you will have to HWE or treat a spot like urine that NOBODY knew was there.
  5. Bud B

    Carpet or Area Rug Cleaning?

    Rug Cleaning is the bigger bucks but time consuming to clean them right. It would be wise to know what you are doing when cleaning orientals.... not a big deal when you get some knowledge.
  6. Bud B

    carpet moths

    Dust Vacuum Treat w/ Microban x-590 "optional?" It's what I use. Submersion clean Dry Rug Treat w/ moth proofing. Extra charge There is a bunch of variables, bleeding, de-lamination if it has latexed backing, urine "extra charge" needs a treatment of its own. (you got that with the...
  7. Bud B

    Glad I found this forum!

    Welcome aboard Matt ! And watch out for the monkeys.
  8. Bud B

    Porty have no water pressure? ?

    When I hook up the TM to a custys garden spickot I usually run the water for a minute before I hook up the hose. If it is discolored or I see anything in the water I put a filter on the spickot. I got my filter from Wal Mart RV section.
  9. Bud B

    Longest hose run with ez 25/45?

    I have run 400' with no problem with my Diablo. Masterblend states it can run 700' . Dual wand I was not so impressed with running 2 shots of 200'. You had to keep wand lips down on both wands or you would loose the pull. No problem till you have to put wand down to move furniture, but I...
  10. Bud B

    ok , when it gets right down to it, how is your TM different from mine ??

    Different? Mine is red. Only difference is in performance with TM"s. More horse power on some, bigger heaters, and some have bigger blowers . Kind of like taking a little spitfire up against a Vortex. Which do you think would have better performance of the 2 TM's
  11. Bud B

    todays lovely couch job

    Where did you clean? LOL, hey nice contrast difference, watch out Dave will have that photo. Nice job bro!
  12. Bud B

    Powerflite Black Max Portable Vac Motors

    Went to rebuild the brushes in the 3 stage vac motor in my porty. ! motor quit so I took it apart and could see the brush was very worn so I stick a empty .22 shell up under spring to get it up and runnin' temporarily. lol, it worked! I call powerFlite to order brushes and when I...
  13. Bud B

    Portable Carpet Cleaning Eqipment

    Porty Is a nice little unit to have around. Still have the first and only 1 I bought. I like it for fringes, upholstery jobs. Nice to have something for a back for the never know!
  14. Bud B

    Ell Diablo pic

    I think Nick can make anything you want. Not sure that Jeff Miaetta from tmf might have 1 of Nicks machines
  15. Bud B


    Welcome Hittman... good to have you here. All bark and no bite on this board.
  16. Bud B

    yup, another new guy

    welcome aboard the All Star.....
  17. Bud B

    Ell Diablo pic

    Finally learned how to post pics her's my rig.
  18. Bud B


    Nice! lectric reel would be awesome in my van. I was going to get one and wifey did not want me to spend the extra...Seems when I roll my hoses up by hand she is no where around, go figure.
  19. Bud B

    Hello All MonkeyCleaner here

    I see a followinggggg!
  20. Bud B

    Hello All MonkeyCleaner here

    I guess all of us that are not tmf approved come here! lol
  21. Bud B


    We have basment chat here Troy! whooo who
  22. Bud B


    That will be nice Troy. It will be more active here anyway, mods over there will be here watching us. lol And probably more reg members will miss us!
  23. Bud B


    Welcome aboard the all star Troy! You also Robin! welcome Aboard More laid back over here! Just gets a little quite sometimes. Get Dave over here with you guys this place will certainly be more active. Plus Dave is a huge asset when it comes to knowledge in this biz. Buddy
  24. Bud B

    Mini Cooper Claw Video

    Hey Mick! What is this RX 20 brake lock you are talking about? I think I might need something like that?
  25. Bud B

    Vacuum cleaners

    I use Windsors, have a Versamatic and an XP model. Bought them used, cheap! Beat the snot out of them and had to replace 1 cord, 1 brush. Hard to believe they are still kickin' arse. I would not hesitate to buy another one.