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    Loss of vacuum on long hose runs TM vs. Portable

    Truckmounts will always beat a portable all day. Ive had both including some powerful ETMS and TM for the win in my opinion.
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    What Shoes to Wear in Customer's Home?

    I wear the anti slip Wally world specials and they are comfortable. I buy a new pair every three to four months because the acid I use for tile cleaning destroys them after awhile. I've spent hundred on different shoes and these hold up better than everything else i've tried. Im a flat foot and...
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    Starting New Business

    My first year full time year in business. If it wasnt for Google My Business or the thousands ive spent in Facebook ads id be back doing a 9 to 5.
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    Amazon home services

    I just recently started seeing this here in Central Florida. I dont know of anyone who has used this here. Ive priced myself out of my market and had to lower it back down in order to book jobs.
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    List your most effective advertising

    Ive noticed my leads from my website have slowed down since July. Has yours slowed down? I was getting about 7 to 10 leads a month. I have GMB properly filled out which helps me get calls. Im ranking page one for several cities and the leads have come to a crawl. I used to also get about 10...