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  1. Cowboyjones

    Van for sale?

    I guess I’d encourage my customers to do research and not waste money. I’m positive my service is 2nd to non, therefore they aren’t wasting money on me. So here I am, exploring some options to make sure I make the right move. Both have pros, both have cons. Hence the reason for getting on a...
  2. Cowboyjones

    Butler Parts available

    How much How much for shelving ? Pictures. ?
  3. Cowboyjones

    Looking for a used BUTLER TRUCK MOUNT PLEASE CALL 317-255-9266

    Might have one for sale if you’re still looking?
  4. Cowboyjones

    Van for sale?

    Hello- I am looking to sell one of my vans and having a hard time deciding between which van to sell, and which van to buy. For the sale side, I have a 370ss (maybe 5 years old) in a 2017 GMC 3500. Runs awesome and is set up perfect with water tank, live solution, electric vac, etc. Van is...
  5. Cowboyjones

    Sapphire 370 truck mount HELP!!!!

    Was this answered?
  6. Cowboyjones

    Commercial Carpet Disaster

    You are absolutely correct. One of the biggest problems is we are not pre vacuuming. We do agitate, but not with our full intent. One of the biggest problems is in the room we are having the most issues with is operated 24/7 so on top of the fact that people are always walking around on wet...
  7. Cowboyjones

    Commercial Carpet Disaster

    OK- I will figure out how to post the pictures in a second- I have a commercial account where we clean the same carpet every 3 weeks. This account has been active since 2002. WE go up, pre spray, clean and leave. Spray Scotch Guard when we are done and walk away. Now this is a power...
  8. Cowboyjones

    New Machine time!

    I am in the market for a new machine. My Sapphire 370ss is about 5 years old, and is just getting to the point that I am looking to upgrade. I have two questions- My machine (roughly 2500 hours, I think) is about 5 years old. Still works just fine. It is in a 2017 Chevey Express 3500 with...
  9. Cowboyjones

    Electrostatic sprayer

    Simple Question Really: I have about 8 different sprayers and foggers. Non of them have labels on them anymore. How do I tell which ones are electrostatic? And what product are using through yours?
  10. Cowboyjones

    How to get started

    I do carpet cleaning and duct cleaning. My advice, spend the money now, it is worth it in the long run. We dont use our carpet machines for duct cleaning. Get the separate equipment for the job to do. I use Hypervac trailers for duct cleaning. Ive used Caddy Vac and other gas powered...
  11. Cowboyjones

    Is Doing Just Water Removal a Good Move?

    I ONLY do water mitigation. I do not do rebuilds, nor fires. We extract and dry, period. It has been very successful for us thus far.
  12. Cowboyjones

    Stop cutting your customers short

    We are still working out the kinks. And I agree- to get a pile lifter out for EVERY job isn't practical. However we have a mind set- We dont want to just make a Job look better than it did before we started. We want it to be the best It can possible ever look. So it some situations, that...
  13. Cowboyjones

    Stop cutting your customers short

    We can all agree that the best way to clean carpets is source removal of all solid debris before you inject any water onto the carpet. If you aren't vacuuming before you clean, then shame on you any way. For those of you that are vacuuming good job, and this is not a post to argue over which...
  14. Cowboyjones

    Certified Pile Brush Vacuum For Sale

    How much? Where are you located?
  15. Cowboyjones

    Certified Pile Brush Vacuum For Sale

    Any of these still for sale?
  16. Cowboyjones

    Power Vacuum Trailer For Air Duct

    I added 10 inch ducting on top of my trailer and it works great
  17. Cowboyjones

    Power Vacuum Trailer For Air Duct

    I have a 2000 PVT and have essentially replaced everything but the fan. It is worth it now but I wish I wouldn’t had to replace everything first.
  18. Cowboyjones

    Is carpet repair worth it financially?

    You have to make the price be worth it. We charge the same for repairs and stretching that we do for cleaning, time frame wise. So if we can clean two rooms and make $110 bucks in an hour, then we are stretching an hour for $110.00. Repairs are the same, plus material. Make it worth your...
  19. Cowboyjones

    Is this the new way to leave carpet?

    I, like the op, like to clean and then groom all in one direction. We try and achieve everyone’s carpet looking brand new, or as close to the day it was installed as possible. I think designs or triangles are a joke. We had someone in town that leaves carpet like this post, and it looks...
  20. Cowboyjones

    Pressure pump not working

    Not Ure if you solves this or not, but another fix to check, which I just found, is a main circuit “board” on the inside of the mAchine on the right side. It has all the power distribution for the machine. Those diodes go bad and it won’t sent power to certain sections. Just found a bad diode...
  21. Cowboyjones

    Scientific 370ss MAJOR water useage

    Thank you Justin. I would just love for this machine to run good and stop going through water.
  22. Cowboyjones

    Scientific 370ss MAJOR water useage

    Let me tel you what is frustrating: I’ve been checking this website religiously for weeks and haven’t had any notifications so assumed no one responded! It was a blessing to log into this tonight and find this thread and see your reviews! I did get talked into buying a thermal relief valve...