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    Truckmount not starting, starter solenoid clicking

    Hey guys, I’m trying to get my machine back up and running. Wife kept it over my head during a divorce, and I want it running before I sell it. When trying to start it, it doesn’t turn the starter at all. The only thing I get is a clicking when I hit the key. I replaced the starter, replaced the...
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    Local Interlink Distributor Lied To Me

    Oh I have no doubt that the products are good! I have flex powder with citrus Solv, and it is a great prespray. But to say a 13 PH prespray is the same exact thing as a 9 PH Enzyme prespray with butyl is not a sales pitch in my opinion. This is in no way a bad thing pointed at bridgepoint. When...
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    Local Interlink Distributor Lied To Me

    Went to my local interlink distributor a few days ago. I was picking up some Bridgepoint spotters that needed refilled. I got asked by the one running the location “what presprays do you use? I only see you buy rinse and spotters” I said I use bridgepoint for spotters and rinse, but TMF...
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    Soap Daddy Who Has Used It?

    I've used several soap daddy products. The OSR +, I do like. It is a bit cheaper than TMF's Pure O2, so I use it. I don't use it very often though. Grout Daddy was a major let down for me. I have only ever used Groutmaster. I was out of it and had a lot of grout daddy, so I attempted to use it...
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    Restaurant Tile & Grout

    Yeah it definitely will be more work than normal. But I’ve been in business less than a year so I’m taking all I can get lol
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    Restaurant Tile & Grout

    Lol yeah I was happy when I got in with them. It’s the one I eat at all the time too so I’m just glad they’re trying to clean it up! Haha Was thinking of doing it with a screwdriver. Didn’t even think of putting it on a pole. I’m gonna be doing that for sure. Thanks!
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    Restaurant Tile & Grout

    Had a local Pizza Hut call and want their tile and grout to be cleaned. I did their carpet before and it was grease city. Their tile has this buildup in the grout lines. It is Level with the tile surfaces in a lot of areas, but areas that don’t get walked on (under appliances, ect.) don’t have...
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    another income stream?

    As said above, it’s a type of shingle. However, I offer roof cleaning which will remove the black streaks and make a roof look new again. It isn’t annual, but it pays good and there aren’t many people doing it. Typical 2 story house is $649, and is fairly easy to do.
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    Berber with Oreck

    I always use the blue oreck brush on all carpets. Black wasn’t scrubbing enough for me. I haven’t tried the green one though, how well do you like it?
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    Series/Parallel Test

    Really interesting. How hard is it to work an ETM vs an easy to work on machine like TCS, or Judson? I have a TCS Brave now and one thing that makes me want to stay away from ETM's in the future is feeling like they will be harder to repair on the job, and have more to go wrong
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    Anyone have a bare bones start up list/recomendation?

    I’d highly recommend going with 6-8 GPM. I’m sure you will end up washing some houses, and You won’t be able to wash a 2 story house without a ladder unless you have 6 GPM or more. I can wash a 2 story house easily with a 8 GPM machine and hardly ever need to use a ladder. Surface cleaning...
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    Hydro Force Injection Problem

    Will do! Always hesitated to order online since freight is crazy expensive. A $3 part turns into a $15-$20 cost. I will be sure to have them do that! Thanks
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    Hydro Force Injection Problem

    Well, I think I figured out my problem. it doesn’t have a water nozzle or washer. And no spring where the ball is. Not sure what the previous owner did or why he took them out, but that’s been a big problem since I got started. “Why in the world did he do this?” Lol does anybody have any...
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    What's the different about alkaline tile&grout cleaner or acid tile&grout cleaner?

    As everyone said above, alkaline is what I use for 95% of tile and grout. Most residential work can be completed with a good alkaline such as Groutmaster. Alkaline is the much safer option. Acid is good for stained grout, urine stains, ect. But be sure to TEST with acid before using it. Most man...
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    Hydro Force Injection Problem

    Okay great, thanks! I’m gonna check my spare parts and see if I have one. If not I will order one. did you just take yours apart or did you already have pictures of all of this? Lol
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    Hydro Force Injection Problem

    Mine is missing the spring. Just realized it. Will any spring that size work?
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    Hydro Force Injection Problem

    Yes it is an 06 jet. Is that the correct one?
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    Hydro Force Injection Problem

    Hello, I have a hydro force sprayer that I had to replace the injector block on. I used it for 2 jobs, then it quit working again. I have checked without metering tip, without tube, to see if it has any kind of suction. I took apart all the connections to ensure nothing is clogged, cleaned all...
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    Are truckmounts over engineered these days?

    I'm still on my first machine, a TCS Brave. A smaller unit, but has been very simple to work on. I have had a fair share of problems with it. The pulleys were set up wrong, wrong sizes, etc. But it was simple enough built that I was able to make new pulleys, and have most of the bugs worked out...
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    BIO PRO 10K................BOOSTED???

    I usually Use pump sprayer and use 2 ounces per gallon for regular soil, and 4 ounces per gallon for heavier soil. If it’s a greasy/oily soiled place then I add 1 ounce of Citrus Solv.
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    Grout master

    I have noticed this too. No difference in quality, just one will be a darker yellow, one will be lighter. I also find it weird that RSF Spiked, looks to be a darker yellow than Groutmaster is. As I said, no difference in performance, just look different
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    RSF All Purpose

    Hello, Got my mixing guide today from TMF! Looks amazing, and will really help out a ton. Quick question though, on the specialty section, it says "RSF Urine" and "RSF All Purpose" are leave behinds. Is this USOR, and RSF Free & Clear? I may be stupid and just not realizing something!
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    I'm stunned. Not joking.

    I guess some people don’t understand quality work. there’s a guy here who lives 45 minutes away, and will do 2 rooms for $40. Or 5 for $90. And people actually believe he’s doing a good job. I’m new to the business and I won’t even show up to clean a spot for $90 unless I’m already at a...
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    Spotter Tips

    Hey all, Looking for some spotter recommendations. My current spotter kit is: Rust remover, Avenge Pro, Bridgepoint Red Zone, Citrus Solv, All Solv Xtreme, And Bonnet Pro POG. I’m fairly successful with a lot of spots. The bonnet pro pog works better than all solv IMO. I also carry spray bottles...