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  1. SoftHands

    How do you get vinyl siding to shine?????

    In AZ I find that a light mix of TSP is perfect for vinyl siding, we don't use SH.
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    HydraMaster CDS X-Drive - Losing RPMs

    Only 900, is it still under warranty? I'm curious, has it always done this or did it just start?
  3. SoftHands

    Best way to recapture dirty water?

    I find that the reclamation systems are nice as all get out but way out of my normal needs to justify making that such a huge investment space AND money wise. When I get these types of nasty buildups I de-grease the life out of it and then use a combination of oil/grease booms and oil absorbant...
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    Oh and don't forget the scissor lift! Lol don't wanna do this one with a pole.
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    Initially I was going to say $1,500 each but after looking more closely I realized there's another edge on the end that isn't neccessarily in the picture. I'd charge easily $2k-$3k per building and that's not even including entryways, sidewalks, or landings. The exterior building sq footage is...
  6. SoftHands

    Whats the ideal pressure washing setup for residential?

    If by reserve you mean a buffer tank then you should be fine with your tank hooked up to water supply and a check valve. Most residential jobs take us less than 1hr and there's no way our 150gal buffer tank runs out in that amount of time with 8gpm. The tank typically sits more than 3/4 full so...