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  1. Royal Man

    White cotton sofa didn't come clean (wicking?)

    Dont use peroxide on cotton. Its a dumb ass move. Any educated cleaner knows that peroxide can bleach and deteriorate cotton.
  2. Royal Man

    White cotton sofa didn't come clean (wicking?)

    I get haitian cotton several times a month.( Some times several a week) I use Cobbs Cotton shampoo and it works very well.
  3. Royal Man

    Event Ice show

    What happened to the new Bentley wand. ( it been new and improved how many times now?)
  4. Royal Man

    2015 Experience picture thread

    Wand-eeze at the Experience ^^ A more Ergonomic wand handle
  5. Royal Man


    Did anybody else notice that the new Bentley trigger at ICE was broken?
  6. Royal Man

    Website design

    The two most important things with a website is that it needs #1 Visability and #2 it has to sell in a brief second. Without those two things its pretty most worthless.
  7. Royal Man

    Website design

    Did mine with yahoo website builder. Some say its not flashy or looks dated. But it brings jobs. That's all that matters in my book.
  8. Royal Man

    Why google places wont move?

    I have the #1 site in Google maps and organic. If you want to know my secret and you are not in my service area email me @ [email protected]
  9. Royal Man

    What is the best way to ask for a review?

    But customer lobby reviews don't show up on a Google search which deminishes their value. So far Google is still king.
  10. Royal Man

    What is the best way to ask for a review?

    Bribery for a review is against Google's compliance guidelines . If they catch wind of it you will lose ALL of your reviews Google is all knowing. Instead just make it super easy for your clients to leave a review at their convenience.
  11. Royal Man

    Customer Reviews, Times Have Changed....

    Its not striking image's. Its mine. That is the template us sent to striking image as a favor.
  12. Royal Man

    Customer Reviews, Times Have Changed....

    Here is something I made up and give out to prompt reviews. That you can steal-
  13. Royal Man

    Customer Reviews, Times Have Changed....

    Am I in a time warp. A post about still having paper reviews instead of electronic reviews should of came to mind about a decade ago.
  14. Royal Man


    All that will be seen is your company name. The rest will be a blur. Back to the drawing board. You are not maximizing your space and that logo is taking up too much space and has no function. Phone number will never get read at that size and you should lose all your bullet points. ( Concider...
  15. Royal Man

    Hot Water Extraction or Encap for 35 Hallways in Highrise?

    Just encap it. This is a no brainer.
  16. Royal Man

    HUGE MAY but JUNE Dropped Off !

    Best year ever!! If you are slow hit your base and hit AdWords with your USP and a price point lead in ad.
  17. Royal Man

    What do you guys think of the wrap?

    The slogan gets lost on the sides. I'd put to phone number large and going from front fender to door and put the slogan where the phone number is , But change it to "It's not clean unless it's ..." With the company name right under it. ( To prevent redundancy. ) IMHO:Personally I think your...
  18. Royal Man

    Anyone interested in a cimex?

    Im looking for a 15"
  19. Royal Man

    Anyone interested in a cimex?

    That would be a good price for even a parts machine. if he doesn't want it im interested. Wondering about shipping also.
  20. Royal Man

    Anyone interested in a cimex?

    Bidding war? $725
  21. Royal Man

    Do You Want To Sell More? SLOW DOWN Cowboy...

    For the initial call learn some simple closes. An easy one is- "while we are on the phone together can we reserve an appointment for you. " Dont wait for the client to jump or say they are going to keep calling down the list. Instead bag them while the iron is hot.
  22. Royal Man

    What do you guys use mark urine spots when using a uv light?

    Watch out for some of the colored chalk. Some can stain or be very hard to remove.
  23. Royal Man

    What is your method for showing wear vs dirty?

    This post is too long to read the whole thing. The best way to show wear/shading V/S Soil in traffic lanes is that Shading will look darker when viewed from different angles. (Often very dark at one side or the room and then it is almost gone from an other.) Very easy for the client to see...