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  1. GregAllen

    Highest psi on your truckmount

    Pressure isn't a major contributor to cleaning effectiveness. Remember: Chemical, Heat, Agitation, and Time. I'd rather err on the 300-400 psi side than risk using so much pressure that the water gets into the pad, extending dry times for your customers.
  2. GregAllen

    Prespray & Protector test

    Rob, What did you use for the poly, if it wasn't a carpet cleaning product? Simple Green? LOL sort of, but I am curious what you used to get good results on Poly.
  3. GregAllen

    "New Conversations" Not Showing Up

    I have been notified twice in the last week or so of someone starting a conversation with me on TMF. However, when I click to view the conversation, whether from my iPhone or desktop, the conversation drop-down shows "You have no recent conversations." Anyone else experiencing this? I don't...
  4. GregAllen

    Bridgepoint's White Lightening as a Prespray?

    I have a container of White Lightening, which only provides dilution and mixing instructions if used as a rinse. However, the label also says it's a great pre-spray. However, it contains no mixing instructions for use through a hydro sprayer. Two questions: 1. Anyone out there using it as a...
  5. GregAllen

    Hos Orbot Spray Jets - for Lower Flow? Help Please

    My new (gently used) Hos Orbot goes through a lot of solution, and on the TMF Facebook page, some suggested using smaller jets. I need help determining exactly which jets to get. "Teejet," "veejet," etc... Interlink's catalog just shows these two options, but the jets on the machine are...
  6. GregAllen

    HOS Orbot or Windsor Taz?

    Just heard from a guy at ORBOT (see his email below)... that HOS private labels the Orbot for Windsor, and calls it the Taz. I checked Waxie Supply, and they do, indeed, carry it for $3,463.92, much less than $4,300 for the HOS Orbot. The presentation video shows the machine and all the...
  7. GregAllen

    Increasing to 2" Hose for Improved Water Removal?

    I have a Nautilus portable, with a 1.5 inch vac hose. Will changing to a 2" hose make a difference in terms of improving water removal, thereby reducing dry times?
  8. GregAllen

    Best Wand for a Portable Extractor?

    I have a US Products Evolution 2-jet wand (1 1/2 inch), which I use with my portable (Nautilus). Even with doing extra dry strokes, we seem to have longer than desired dry times, and have had a few understandable customer complaints, which is completely unacceptable. We bear down on it to get...
  9. GregAllen

    Upholstery Prespray Recommendation

    I just ordered a case Rob. If it passes your test, I trust your judgement and will it.
  10. GregAllen

    Upholstery Prespray Recommendation

    Rob, is it liquid? Can you ship it to Alaska?
  11. GregAllen

    Upholstery Prespray Recommendation

    I need a recommendation for what you feel is the best and most effective upholstery pre-spray for synthetic fabric. I have been using Bridgepoint's Avenge Heavy Duty Fabric Pre-Spray, but haven't been impressed lately. Today a commercial account had us clean 3 micro-fine sofas, 7 doctor...
  12. GregAllen

    Inline Filter for Portable

    Anyone using an inline filter for your portable? We used a devastator filter for our truck mount in California, but since I use portables now, I don't have any inline filter to reduce the amount of crud that gets into the waste tank. Any suggestions?
  13. GregAllen

    Nautilus Extreme - 8.4" 2-Stage Vacs

    I know this is an old thread, but the CRI currently lists NO portables as a platinum designation. The Nautilus isn't even listed at all from what I can see. Correct me if you see something different.
  14. GregAllen

    Nautilus MX500HM vs US PRODUCTS PEX500?

    Let me help all of you doubters, detractors, and opinion-givers out: I repeat: I have never used the Nautilus, but bought it gently used 6 months ago. Due to the weight for this one-man show at the time, I bought a PEX500 from my Interlink store (30 pounds lighter). Now (follow this) I have...
  15. GregAllen

    Nautilus MX500HM vs US PRODUCTS PEX500?

    Allow me to clarify: I own them both but have only used ONE (the PEX). I am just one guy looking for additional insights - not sarcasm. I cannot test them side by side due to power constraints -- So I cannot get a good side by side comparison. I am in the process of deciding which one to...
  16. GregAllen

    Nautilus MX500HM vs US PRODUCTS PEX500?

    Not an option right now.
  17. GregAllen

    Nautilus MX500HM vs US PRODUCTS PEX500?

    The heater works only intermittently and, most recently, the rocker switch is stuck in one direction. It is under warranty, so I took it into my local Interlink store for repair. Also, I'm not very mechanically inclined so I defer to the experts for repairs. I have both --- very long story...
  18. GregAllen

    Nautilus MX500HM vs US PRODUCTS PEX500?

    This post seeks the insight from those who know both of these machines, and can provide solid advice from your experience and knowledge (preferably not from those who aren't sure but "think" such and so -- no offense). I really need solid insight here. Which would be a better extractor, based...
  19. GregAllen

    CRB or Oreck Orbiter with Green Agitation Brush

    CRB or Orbiter with green agitation brush? I have the Oreck but I hear so much about the CRB being so fantastic. Looking for any comparison opinions before I spend $2k - $3.5K. Thanks!
  20. GregAllen

    TMF GROUTMASTER is unreal for a booster

    Care to share how you make it? Are you buying and using D'Limonene?
  21. GregAllen

    TMF GROUTMASTER is unreal for a booster

    I agree in general. What products do you use to get these results, without boosters?
  22. GregAllen

    Oxygen Boosters - Overrated/Overpriced vs Oxi-Clean Products?

    The active ingredients in the expensive boosters we buy from industry suppliers are generally Percarbonate (sometimes called Sodium Percarbonate and Sodium Carbonate Peroxide ) and just Sodium Carbonate. One item by Steamway shows Percarbonate as the only ingredient. OxiClean and other similar...
  23. GregAllen

    Carpet Protector - Does Vacuuming Scratch it Off?

    Ladies and Gents, I have been skeptical about carpet protectors, but I know we can generate a substantial amount of additional revenue with it. My skepticism regards how long it actually lasts, considering the abrasiveness of vacuum beater brushes. Doesn't the beater brush cut through and...
  24. GregAllen


    I am struggling with the value of a CRB machine. I get it... It scrubs with counter rotating brushes, sets the nap, etc etc etc. But... For over $3,000???? I can buy NINE DEWALT 15 GALLON STAND UP COMPRESSORS for this much money, a decent used car, you name it. How much better will a CRB...