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  1. United Custodians LLC

    Hiring Service? Good experiences, bad experiences?

    I use temp services some times they charge me 16.09 a hour they pay them 10.00 a hour they will send me someone new if it does not work out with a minimum of 4 hours
  2. United Custodians LLC

    What to do when Robo calls are getting out of control?

    I hand the phone to the dog and say here it’s for you
  3. United Custodians LLC

    Help please

    After talking to the security guards I discovered they was only getting dust moped and not wet moped so my guess is the shine is from dust mop spray buildup
  4. United Custodians LLC

    Help please

    As I’m cleaning the floors they look dull they got to have something on them that was making them shine as I clean the stuff is coming off any ideas of what I can put on them to give a shine back must not make the floor slick
  5. United Custodians LLC

    Saltillo tile

    Remember that one I posted I’m going to do I think it’s tan quarry
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    Change to the page

    I got on my iPad and noticed the layout is different now than on my phone where is the discussions at is it now Latest Activity
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    Lowe’s messed up my order

    anybody have any ideas on how I can vacuum a wall with this I bought a vacuum just for an att that had bristles on the bottom this is what I get not happy I don’t know if I can put a sock over the end no time to return
  8. United Custodians LLC

    Tile spinner not working! they have anything you can think of even parts for stuff they don’t make anymore
  9. United Custodians LLC

    Advice needed please

    Pretty darn good ask yourself where would you be without them with them having their own business before they know the cost
  10. United Custodians LLC

    Duct cleaning business on a budget

    Form a LLC you can file it your self on your states website my state it was $100 it’s $50.00 every year I strongly urge any business to do so I’m a single member LLC I know my personal bank account is safe even though I have general liability and workers comp that might not be enough plus it...
  11. United Custodians LLC

    Does this sound confusing

    I was going to leave them till end then take down on a finial walk threw that way I know what I checked , if I can find the one with the cardboard backing or glue them to a piece of cardboard they can stick that in their back pocket letting post it notes hang over the out side
  12. United Custodians LLC

    Does this sound confusing

    On this finial clean I’m going to keep up and communicate with post it notes I pretty much have 3 steps ceilings walls, windows , than floors .First person comes in vacuums ceilings and walls and baseboards come out of the room mark with a post it note that will tell me I can can clean window...
  13. United Custodians LLC

    Need help on a Bid. Competitive Gov Pricing

    Your looking at a 6hrs on buffing if not more dust mop ,mop let dry before you start buffing if they tell you the cleaners will have it moped and ready to go you don’t want that been there done that it’s never cleaned right the VCT has the most sq ft to price by the sq ft . Striping and waxing...
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    W And so touching its even better when you hear the story behind it her earring looked new and expensive I say they were a gift ,I have a pair my husband had hand delivered from Australia and if I lost one of mine it would crush me
  15. United Custodians LLC

    Locial Creaigslist

    this is so tempting but I don’t need so I figured I would share
  16. United Custodians LLC

    Back to the drawing board

    Thank you to the ones who helped
  17. United Custodians LLC

    Printer toner removal from carpet

    I put carbon filters in my vacuums stuff like that suck up threw the hose first I’ve got set in toner out with Awesome I don’t do a lot of carpet cleaning so I use what’s available
  18. United Custodians LLC

    Dog peeing on bathroom tile.

    Wear gloves might not have been the dog
  19. United Custodians LLC


    Things like that are more rewarding more than any dollar amount
  20. United Custodians LLC


    I found a earring and just laid it on a desk last weekend come in this weekend to this I would love to hear stories from some of you a simple act of kindness is more than words can say
  21. United Custodians LLC

    Back to the drawing board

    I was giving you words a thought and by you saying it’s almost never about the numbers your first proposal is about selling your services so you are right on that one when it’s back to the drawling board here’s the response directly from the horses mouth
  22. United Custodians LLC

    Back to the drawing board

    Funny true story I had a teacher in 2ed grade that would tell me ain’t is not a word I would tell her I ain’t gonna quit saying it now it’s recognized I guess it’s stuck in the older generations head