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  1. floorclean

    How important is grooming carpet?

    Not very at all. I know all the reasons your supposed to. However I find clients like the shark tooth look. Makes them feel like they’ve really done something. Having said that most of my areas is berber carpet. I wouldn’t say its a waste of time grooming in general.
  2. floorclean

    New Thymol Infused Green Label prespray live video

    So curious what, other than it having a disinfectant into it (thymol) making it possibly a fifth generation disinfectant makes it a better cleaner? Thymol on its own isn’t much of a cleaner.
  3. floorclean

    Stripping Rejuvenate.

    The only way to remove it is with a stripper. Each company makes one especially for that type of floor. Or use a regular stripper but mix it really weak. Use a green pad (used not new) or a blue pad. Work in small areas with light coats of stripper. Stripping multiple times to remove it. Don’t...
  4. floorclean

    Featured Two new TMF Booster/Urine removers for carpet cleaning!

    Rob! Your driving me nuts with so many products. Just when I figure out what really works, your telling me we having something better! It’s causing me great confusion. How many presprays do you need?
  5. floorclean

    Gym called me about residue around workout equipment?

    There’s a few issues going on least of which is the fact that they’re not cleaning very well and it’s a buildup of dirt cleaner mop fibres and whatever else that are spraying on the floor the long and the short of it is there’s no quick fix for the floor finish Hass to be stripped off and reapplied
  6. floorclean

    Customer Prep List

    Visa, cheque or cash? LOL
  7. floorclean

    how would you respond?

    I personally would just ignore it. Sounds like spam. Fairly sure if it was legitimate it would have to be sent registered mail for you to have signed you got the letter.
  8. floorclean

    Going to all VLM

    It’s the only vacuum I’ve ever used! Well worth any amount of money trust me.
  9. floorclean

    What do you do for free on carpet cleaning jobs?

    [emoji20] your comparing to the little yellow bus! LOL
  10. floorclean

    What do you do for free on carpet cleaning jobs?

    Nothing is free. It’s all included in the price. To break it down makes a customer think I’m nickel and dimming them. I’d rather shock them right up front with the price and charge nothing extra. And 100% deliver. Now that’s not to say I don’t do charity jobs. Just did a large Restraunt for...
  11. floorclean

    New TMF Headquarters build out

    Gosh! If you had trouble doing that god help you with truck mounts LOL!!!
  12. floorclean

    Is this a decent extractor?

    Run forest Run! Never had any luck with their equipment. Wouldn’t buy one at half the retail price.
  13. floorclean

    Rat Nasty Review

    Someone’s been missing Sunday church! LOL
  14. floorclean

    prochem truckmount (blue) pressurewash pressure cleaning carpets

    Looks like it was in a fire
  15. floorclean

    Buying a spotting kit tomorrow

    It’s the reason I’ve stopped using rinse agents. Every friggen one of them clogs the jets on my tools. So I’m with you on that. And does it ever piss you off when that happens on the very first job of the day. You end up spending 45 minutes trying to unclog the damn things.
  16. floorclean

    Buying a spotting kit tomorrow

    I mostly use grout master to boost the biopro. And the. Add 4oz citrus solve. Man that shit will lick anything out. If it isn’t a stain it’ll come out with that mixture. I want to try some “rat nasty” but I’m not sure it’d be any better than the concoction I’ve got on the go.
  17. floorclean

    Buying a spotting kit tomorrow

    Some people don’t believe in Jesus either ROTFLMAO!
  18. floorclean

    Buying a spotting kit tomorrow

    I got rid of all suppliers other than truck mount chemicals. I haven’t found another supplier that even comes close. And I don’t say that for brownie points at all. I’d like to believe I know a damn good product when I find it. On the janitorial end of my company I have to cherry pick from a lot...
  19. floorclean

    Epoxy or wax

    My advice would be leave it alone. Your going to get into a hell of a mess if you start. You very well damage the epoxy.
  20. floorclean

    Buying a spotting kit tomorrow

    Looks good. Would have been nicer in some sort of tool chest. I find open toots like that get dirty and stuff falls out of it. I just find the toots or tool chest style look much more professional
  21. floorclean

    How long did it take you to build your business?

    Stop looking at sales! The only thing that matters is profit. Over the years I don’t know how many businesses I’ve told that to and they didn’t listen. Lasted a few years and were gone. I know guys that consistently did $100,000. A year and had better life styles than guys doing ten times that...
  22. floorclean

    Any Ideas?.....

    Looks more like dog vomit
  23. floorclean

    Help me pick out a new wrap

    I don’t like the fact you don’t look your age! LOL
  24. floorclean

    Rat Nasty Review

    I’ll take some as well!