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    CleanCraft's Eclipse --Thoughts? (Help!)

    Does anyone know anything about CleanCraft's Eclipse (the heated models)? It looks like a good choice but it's hard to find verifiable information. If you or someone you know has an Eclipse, is it good or are there horror stories? If you considered an Eclipse but didn't buy, why not and what...
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    If this was your building…which porty is best?

    Encaps a good idea—but won’t I still need HWT for that, albeit less frequently? Or am I all mixed up? Yes, it’s terrible terrible CGD. What’s soil load? If dirt level, it’s currently high, as it’s built up badly, but dirt gets in frequently as well, so with maintenance it’s probably medium...
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    If this was your building…which porty is best?

    Hey guys, I’ve got a building with 9,000 square feet of carpets plus some rugs. The carpets are old, the floors are uneven, the building’s demographic includes preschoolers, teenagers, and coffee-loving adults, and our current carpet extractor is 14 years old and dumps water everywhere on a...