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  1. Kevin Dumas

    Real Estate Agents - are they a PITA? or are they Lucrative?-- what say you...

    We don't respond to Spammers @admin @rob allen
  2. Kevin Dumas

    Where to purchase a carpet cleaner

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  3. Kevin Dumas

    Concrete cleaning.

    @rob allen @admin How many months of reportings is it going to take to get rid of this one? Guaranteed it is Banned MCKAVIN'S new account.
  4. Kevin Dumas

    Roof Leak

    Don't feed the spammers
  5. Kevin Dumas

    Mytee 8070 pump always leaking??

    My 8070 doesn't leak but I always have trouble with the pressure switch turning off. I adjust it and it shuts off for awhile then goes back to running continuous.
  6. Kevin Dumas

    Prospector pe 500 losing pressure

    Yes it is normal
  7. Kevin Dumas

    In house rug cleaning gone bad...wavy/wrinkled rug

    Another one??? I bet the same one. This account was started 3 days after mrkavin was banned so a good guess would be the same person with the same tactics. It only took 16+months and 97 posts along with several reportings to get that profile banned. (They are a little slow around here lol)...
  8. Kevin Dumas

    New Owner/Operator looking for tips

    I had several great investment property accounts over my career. All were basically smaller owner/ops with 30-50 units. They seems to look more for quality than price.
  9. Kevin Dumas

    Garage Floor coating - epoxy paint?

    Better stick to Spamming then.
  10. Kevin Dumas

    clear 100% silicon caulk on carpet

    A volatile, citrus solvent or isopropyl alcohol should break the bond if it isn't too heavy, Goo gone makes a caulk remover however I have never used it.
  11. Kevin Dumas

    Knocking when cranking

    Could be the engine, Could be the blower lobes knocking.
  12. Kevin Dumas


    Yup, 63 posts of this crap over a year span. Repeated reporting seems to do no good. I guess you have to post in a political thread to get noticed. That's about all that is left on this sight. (political arguing and spammers) JMHO
  13. Kevin Dumas

    Garage flooring question

    Should have been booted a year ago.
  14. Kevin Dumas

    Daycare Center Cleaning Guide

    @admin @rob allen All this person does is post spam links
  15. Kevin Dumas

    Keep Your Store Organized

    Just another spammer
  16. Kevin Dumas

    Need help diagnosing White Magic problem

    Sounds like it is either a vacuum, switch or clutch problem. Temporary stick between the seat and accelerator to keep working?
  17. Kevin Dumas

    Would you accept weed for a tip?

    Guaranteed half your staff is smoking, vaping or ingesting some form of it already.
  18. Kevin Dumas

    new to truckmount need advice

    And don't overpay for it, I see some of the bearing houses have them listed for $250-270 where you can get them online for about $130. There is one on Ebay from Mara Industrial for $102 shipped. Comes with a different flange but just toss that. Item # 37355303902
  19. Kevin Dumas

    new to truckmount need advice

    A pic would be helpful
  20. Kevin Dumas

    new to truckmount need advice

    If it shakes either your element is bad for some reason or not installed correctly between the flanges or more likely the machine and blower are not lined up correctly. Given that the engine was swapped out and new motor mounts installed my money is on improper alignment. The PX-70 is a tried...
  21. Kevin Dumas

    new to truckmount need advice

    That looks like the guts out of a old Hydramaster Hydracat that was retrofitted with a new engine. Nothing wrong with the PX-70 Dodge coupler. I ran them on several machines. There are 5 bolts on each side of the coupler flanges you loosen to remove the coupler element. Each bolt goes through...
  22. Kevin Dumas

    What’s your vehicle accident policy?

    Call the police to get a accident report on file. ALWAYS
  23. Kevin Dumas

    Garage Floor coating - epoxy paint?

    I did a 28x30 garage. Washed it down, then acid etched it. (pretty easy process with a truckmount) Poured on the epoxy. Squeegeed it, then back rolled it. I don't remember any odor issues but just have her stay clear of the garage until it cures. My cost for the epoxy alone was $1k. Don't...