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  1. Kev Berry

    Here's your Solutions, WWTMFD CGD

    I thnik there is alot of residual chem in the carpet. Getting rid of that might be the hardest part. Probably wont need to much special chems but quick drying and post encap will make a big difference. Also explain that without the correct techniques and knowledge this will keep happening, and...
  2. Kev Berry

    PayPal hear for credit card processing

    I have used paypal and also use Intuit. I have a customer that I email the invoice and then a paypal invoice. He pays through paypal that way I dont wait for a check and he doesnt have to give a cc number over the phone. I use Intuit on my blackberry when the customer is there with me. I get...
  3. Kev Berry

    construction dust in carpet

    vaccuum, vacuum vacuum. Get as much out as you can in its dry form, tell her you may have to come back and vacuum after it has dried. If you have a rx20 rotovac or other such tool use it. but vac the heck out of it
  4. Kev Berry

    List of all pre-scrub equipment

    I had a 175 for scrubbing but it died so have to use the powerwand. 175 and a regular wand does an awesome job and is much quicker than a powerwand. Powerwand doews do a great job and helps lift the pile back up if you rake afterwards.
  5. Kev Berry

    a little about my world at the moment.

    Very Sad. He was a big contributor to the site. My sincere condolences to his family.
  6. Kev Berry

    Blacklights, Customer and you

    why is this guy a spammer. I didnt see him try to sell anything. He gave a clear and concise picture of his thoughts behind the use of a UV light. Good ones are expensive but well worth the money if you want to do a lot of pet stains.
  7. Kev Berry

    Anyone know what The Masters Touch system is?

    There definitely pros and cons to trailers. I have a TMT trailer that I bought used. I do both carpet and tile. Tile is in general much more profitable for me and is a great add on when you clean carpet. Unfortunately I am in the getting out of the business as my wifes company is moving her...
  8. Kev Berry

    If the carpet is super dirty, would scrubbing with a 175 after pre-spray make any difference?

    Yes it will make a difference. The 175 will help get the perspray deep into the fibers and agitate the fibers and grime. Then your powerwand will do the rest. I used that combo with great effect in the past. Also a 175 and a regular wand work great too. Faster than a powerwand with similar results.
  9. Kev Berry

    Tractor supply batt sprayer

    A visual I didnt need.:eek:
  10. Kev Berry

    Knockout / Blastoff cleaning at Arbys

    Nice job!! Love Arbys. Shoot, now Im going to have to go out and get a sandwich. I can almost smell it already> Big Montana combo 1/2 pound of roast beef with french fries. hhhmmmmmmmm.
  11. Kev Berry

    2011 TMF Annual Posters Awards

    this is why I hardly ever post anymore. This started out as a fun thread, and then becomes personal. I have truly appreciated the tremendous amount of help and information from this site, and the insight into how others develop and run their business' but the personal bs drags the site down imo...
  12. Kev Berry

    Cheap Home Made Lips

    Yours came out better than my friends did. But she gets great suction:eek:
  13. Kev Berry

    Should I take this job or pass on it?

    I wouldnt take the job. If you have to ask here for our opinions then you already have a bad vibe. Go with you gut. I would even tell him why.
  14. Kev Berry

    Rotovac Powerwand users

    Bert, If you do not have a mechanical wand of some description then buy the power wand. They do a great job. But they are very aggressive and you will need to keep your filters clear. Do at least one dry pass, they work great. They are much slower than a regular wand, but easier on the back...
  15. Kev Berry

    Top Reason For Sub Par Job...

    to me the only reason for sub par work is attitude. Doesnt matter what work you do or where you do it, attitude is what makes your work stand out or not. Not to pick on any one person but there has been a member who constantly wants to know the easiest way to do the job but refuses to get real...
  16. Kev Berry

    Its Alive!!!!!!

    looks great. I wish I had the talent, know how and ability to do something like that. Definitely need more pics
  17. Kev Berry

    Pricing Mythe!!

    Sorry Ricky but you say your teams can clean at 3700 sq ft per man in one sentence, then that 3500 sq ft per man hour cannot be attained in another. 3500 ft per man hour isnt difficult if the crews are organized. We did just shy of 1 million sq ft a night and you have to be organized and work...
  18. Kev Berry

    Pricing Mythe!!

    BOMA used as a standard, 3500 sq ft per hour. So if you have a 135000 sq ft building it should take about 38 man hours. These are tenant occupied buildings. Most property managers new what price the bids would come in at since all the major companies use roughly the same price per square ft...
  19. Kev Berry

    Pricing Mythe!!

    I used to be in Window cleaning and janitorial, and the only way we could price janitorial jobs out was by sq ft. If you are dealing with large buildings they expect you to adhere to the standards of BOMA they expect 3500 square feet per hour / man. Ive been out of it for some time now but I...
  20. Kev Berry

    Nasty carpet pictures

    what did I do wrong it says the video is private
  21. Kev Berry

    Yet another newbie to the site

    Unfortunately I am definately a suck up pussy. Thanks for the greetings guys. Looking forward to making new friends> I never see the point in pissing people off except for that damn foreigner Mick.
  22. Kev Berry

    Yet another newbie to the site

    Hi, my name is Kevin Berry, and was recruited to the site by Mick Ellis. I see from a couple of the threads that there are some familiar names here, so Im looking forward to being a member. I truly appreciate all the sites that I go on for the great and free exchange of ideas, knowledge and...
  23. Kev Berry

    Wall Street Protest? Good or Bad

    I think that if all they were after was a handout they wouldnt be freezing their arses off, but rather let someone else do the protesting. I think there is a growing discontent with wall street and government, and the Occupy movement is just the beginning. I am quite impressed with their actions.
  24. Kev Berry

    Cool way to quit a bad job!

    I hope his prospective employers see this idiot. He doesnt deserve to have a job. People like these people are just pathetic losers. Just watching that video pissed me off. I hope he is unemployed for a long time.
  25. Kev Berry

    How many hours will it take you to clean a 2-story 4bedroom house?

    For what its worth; I average $40 per room. I never book more than 2 houses a day. I do alot of empty houses so I clean more sq footage than if there where furniture, but I dont have the hassle of moving stuff or someone watching me. The down side is there is little chance of upselling...