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  1. Ken Harris

    Any ideas?

    I'd bring the Salad and Vinegar to make a meal of it.:) Seriously though I would do exactly as James suggested.
  2. Ken Harris

    Our Industries HISTORY

    I know that the list of companies that are no longer around is longer that those you posted. But it was the best I have seen yet. And yes Ed, it is a tough business to survive in. Only the best of the best make a long go of it.
  3. Ken Harris

    Wand Glides

    I would urge some caution to cleaners that are thinking about buying the Delrin Wand Glides. I have made them from this material myself and found more disadvantages than advantages. The main was that Delrin will not self heal after abraiding on things like the pins from the tackless strips...
  4. Ken Harris

    Wand Glides

    I do agree with you on that point James. Although $149.00 is a good price for a glide if you have one of the less common wands, it may be too much to pay for the cleaner that needs a glide for an AW29 type wand that he might have paid $200.00 for. For that reason I also still offer my...
  5. Ken Harris

    Wand Glides

    Yes I am Mick. But I sell other brands besides my own these days as well.
  6. Ken Harris

    Wand Glides

    If you deal only with those distributors that are charging $200.00 for them James. I am a Green Glides distributor now and I charge only $149.00 for all their glides. Delivery Included. Deal with those that give you the best deals on quality made products.:)
  7. Ken Harris

    Wand Glides

    Al's Slides are definatly the best design for the PC Quadjet Wand. Greenglides are definatly the best of the Teflon Glides out there for the rest of the wands besides the Quadjet. Both cost more than some of the other glides out there, but sometimes it is necessary to pay a little more to...
  8. Ken Harris

    The Original RE - RX 20 - Still the best

    That would depend on what glides they were. Some work better than others.
  9. Ken Harris

    Out of biz, now making custom Glides~

    That is not bad. Now that I have dropped the price of the AW29, PC Quadjet, PC Titanium and 14" CMP Superslide Teflon Glides down to $19.00, I am backed up by over 900 orders on those.:)
  10. Ken Harris

    Out of biz, now making custom Glides~

    I sell 100 of them for that price every month for that price. This months supply sold out in less than 48 hours. You just have to keep watching the site and get your order in fast when they are posted. I expect that the April Sale Wands will sell out within 2 days as well. I have a waiting...
  11. Ken Harris

    Out of biz, now making custom Glides~

    Almost forgot to mention: Welcome to the Dark Side Al. I figured you might get here eventually.
  12. Ken Harris

    Out of biz, now making custom Glides~

    There have been quite a few that have made glides since I started making them out of Teflon almost 10 years back. But none other than Green Glides in any great quantities. Why is that? Fear of getting sued held many back until the ruling from the courts last year. I estimate that fewer than 20%...
  13. Ken Harris

    Glides !!!!

    Not too bad looking. How much are they?
  14. Ken Harris

    Industry News - Connections is no more

    Yes I would not attend each year if it was not in Vegas. The attendance numbers would drop too much.
  15. Ken Harris

    Canada ey?

    Depends where you go. Lots of work in Alberta and Saskatchawan. Other provinces not so much.
  16. Ken Harris

    How do glides affect air flow?

    Definatly increase the airflow over un-glided wands.
  17. Ken Harris

    PSI How Much is Really Needed?

    You would not want to use a 1.5" tubed wand with a 405 IMO. You should be using a 1.75" wand for the best results for the volume of air your PC units generates. And yes, a 14" head is made that attaches to a 1.5" tubed wand. I would not buy it though.
  18. Ken Harris

    Electric TM Craze

    Actually, the USA is lucky that Canada is it's biggest supplier of oil. If not for the 3 million barrels per day that gets shipped in from Canada each day the price would be over $200 in WTI terms and Americans would be paying over $8/gallon or higher right now.
  19. Ken Harris

    Found this picture from Vegas

    Those guys look like they have been hitting the buffets pretty hard, eh?
  20. Ken Harris

    Electric TM Craze

    Yes, you can do that as long as there is gas to buy to put in your truck. What you are not counting on is what you are going to do when gas gets rationed. It is not a matter of "if", but "when". Right now the USA only produces around 6 million of the 20 million barrels of oil it uses each...
  21. Ken Harris

    Electric TM Craze

    You would lose your bet. I have the candles but have no newspaper clippings on the walls. I don't need them. I have about a 90% recall rate even to this day. Not as good as the photographic memory I used to have in my teens, but it gets me by. I have about 10,000 customers that I have...
  22. Ken Harris

    Electric TM Craze

    You are correct about the level of interest James. Lukewarm at best I would say. I believe it will take at least $5.00/gallon prices in the USA to put a fire under the sales of them. Of course we have not seen that yet. But I believe we will sometime in the next 2 years.This year is highly...
  23. Ken Harris

    Something EVERYONE has heard before

    I tell them that that wont increase their bill too much........:)
  24. Ken Harris

    Good News! The price of Gas and Oil is going down.

    Well if it gets down to $10.00 next year Tyler I may have to buy a Viper to celebrate!