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    Happy Thanks Giving to one and all!!!
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    Official Facebook LIKE Pages from TMF & Members
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    ***List ways to improve TMF here

    Agreed!!! Offer more options for Uniforms with TMF patches and Customized embroidery on the backs and fronts I pay 35 dollars a shirt (black dickies w/embroidered back and front). Offer the classes online that you would get for certification. Imagine... Learn from your home. Rob... I bought your...
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    :bigsmiley:Hey Shane! How did it go with your new maid service?:bigsmiley:
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    LOL!!! this has been covered by Jon-Don "Selling Commercial Cleaning" you can download it for free.
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    Pix of the marble restoration home.
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    LOL!!! Have fun!!!!
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    Just Got a 2 calls back-to-back!!! A $500.00 Tile and Grout Job and a job to restore marble flooring in an Upscale home. My bid? $1500.00. If I don't win the bid, that's ok.I am booked through New years!!!! Thank you CL!!!!
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    Update on this... 50 ads up, Calls are still coming in and ontrack for about $3000.00 business generated this month. The link that I posted expired but I have made about 5 different jpegs for all the services I do. My goal is to have 5-6 posts up every 2 hrs. I renew my posts from my phone and...
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    TMF Wespak wand

    if you have the wand, where can you get the glide?
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    What's up with rotovac new 360i 4 port vacuum head?

    Apparently this is not a recall... but a better performing head..
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    Rotovac 360 dry times

    Wow! Thanks for the response guys!!! If any of you know Tony from Optimum floor care, He is the one I talk to. He tested it in his store using a Porty w/2-3 stage vacs w/heat. All new equipment. 619-422-7233. What he said was what he experienced there.
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    Rotovac 360 dry times

    Hello! I am considering the 360i for purchase but the person I would buy from has mentioned that the dry time can be very long. How long a dry time can I expect if I use a 360i?:AddEmoticons04259:
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    Happy Thanksgiving Guys! We have alot to be thankful for. This forum and the support all of you give is just one of them. GB.peace
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    resoiling on commercial carpet

    Hey Scott, I will try these products and see how they do.... Prespray= Traffic Slam w/boost all and citrusolve. Pretreat areas that have lotion (greasy) w/solvent clean. Would Encapugard take the place of Fab Set and Maxim?
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    Water stains on commercial carpet

    when water dries on carpet leaving a stain, how is that cleaned up? Is it a calcium/hard water stain?
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    TO HOTBOX OR NOT TO HOTBOX!!!! That is the question!

    Looking to get a Hotbox to heat the water for my porty. It costs about $400.00 and I am wondering if it is a good way to go or should I get a little giant. At $1700.00 the price is holding me back. Any response is appreciated.
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    resoiling on commercial carpet

    Prosolve then?
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    resoiling on commercial carpet

    So... citrusolve added to my prespray?
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    resoiling on commercial carpet

    about 2 weeks later the traffic areas start showing again. Sometimes grease spots comeback. It is a massage envy and their lotion can be spilled in some areas.