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    Help, new Legend SE owner!

    Hi All I picked up a truck mount finally after using a portable for the last few years, it's a Problem Legend SE. It's got a bunch of hours on it but it's running finally after some fault finding. Trouble is I have never used a TM so really don't know what to expect from it. I have it all...
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    Northstar heater problem - flow switch?

    Hi guys, new flow switch in place and it worked perfectly, thank you. But I do have concerns about the chemical rinse I add it to the fresh water tank, how can I add them so it doesn't cause any damage to the flow switch? Also will it cause any issues with my northstar burner long term...
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    Nautilus Extreme Auto dump question

    Thanks for the help with this guys, I gave the tank a real good clean out and used the shop vac to get any sand or whatnot that had collected and used it yesterday at a job and it worked perfect, dumped out a few times and all is good. Thank you
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    Nautilus Extreme Auto dump question

    Hi again, took a look today and the float on the Naut is actually on the bottom of the tank and is set in place and can't be adjusted and it floats to the top and when it in water will kick in the dump pump. It worked fine today whilst testing, will report back soon if its a problem again...
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    Northstar heater problem - flow switch?

    Thanks again guys, question, I add a rinse mix to my extractor water tank , think it Rob's alkaline rinse, would this damage a flow switch over time, it seemed fine before that?
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    Nautilus Extreme Auto dump question

    Thank you Jim and Scott, I think I have the float quite high if I recall so I will check that. So am I right in thinking it should just dump and pick back up again without any issue or me needing to do anything?
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    Nautilus Extreme Auto dump question

    Hi All Had my Nautilus for about a year now and really happy with it but I have had an issue with I am not sure is correct. So I bought the auto top up and auto dump version which I am glad I did with the tile cleaning jobs I have picked up but the issue I have is when the unit is full of...
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    Northstar heater problem - flow switch?

    Thanks guys, ordered a ST6 just to be on the safe side, should be with me soon.
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    Northstar heater problem - flow switch?

    Hi Guys Hope you can help me out here, so I installed a North-star heater into my Ram several months ago, used it maybe a dozen times on a few jobs but then just before the holidays I did quite a long tile job and the heater wouldn't shut off and started to give me too much pressure in the line...
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    Northstar Pressure with heat help

    Thank you, I actually used a new gun this time to check it but it's still causing issues it possibly too much heat build up?. I read about people doing an acid wash on the coils? I have let the heater run for a while but whatever tip I use gets clogged with rust. So pleased with...
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    Northstar Pressure with heat help

    Sorry forget video link. Thanks
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    Northstar Pressure with heat help

    Hi Guys Back again, hope you guys had a good 4th, I got to play with my Northstar again, it's got a new wheel on so now I am not dragging it about to get it in and out which is helpful. I drained out the old diesel, I don't know much about diesel but when I drained it it sort of separated into...
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    Northstar Pressure with heat help

    Hi Guys, today's update, got the unloader to stop leaking so that looks good but think I discovered why so much smoke, diesel is being blown to the top of the coil as I can see it sitting and that's what's causing the smoke. Fan is working just doesn't blow as strong as my hot box. This might...
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    Northstar Pressure with heat help

    Thanks guys I guess I would be using it for carpets but I would like to get it work for pressure washing right now...I just can't push it in the shed for spares knowing its not working right! Question for you guys, does your fan on the hotbox run all time? Mine does, is it faulty or is that...
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    Northstar Pressure with heat help

    Hi All Need a little advice please, I picked up a Northstar 1700psi pressure washer and diesel burner. I only paid $200 for it as I really only want it for parts and the seller said it wasnt pumping correctly. So I get it home and plug it in and the pump seems to work , bit of a leak from the...
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    TMF V3 UV lights almost sold out again...

    My light just arrived and is a nice piece of kit but I have a problem...I am posting here because it might just be me...or my dog! She has been a little ill of late and on meds for seizures and is a 11 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Because of her illness the meds she is on is causing...
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    Strong TM4 CRB help

    Hi Guys After reading here and watching Rob's videos I decided I wanted to buy a CRB but I wasn't about to drop $2k on one but noticed someone selling one locally for $700 which I finally picked up for $400 which I think was a good price?. Its a Strong TM4 with green brushes, it's had some good...
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    Rotovac sheardry upholstery tool $250

    Rob is it possible to buy a clear head to fit on an original model? Also apart from the clear head is there any difference between models? Thx
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    Northstar in truck question

    Hi Guys Question for Northstar owners, I have a Ram Promaster 2500 with the high roof about 6ft+ standing room, I plan on installing the Northstar hotbox next to the side door, as its quite a tall truck do I need to vent it out or would it be ok to run it in the truck with the side door open...
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    In-Line sprayer?

    Hi Guys Quick question, want to buy my first inline sprayer for pre spraying, I am looking at a Hydro force, which model would you suggest getting, the adjustable tip or fixed? Thanks Stu
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    Need Professional Advice, Patricks Lancaster Carpet Cleaning

    Looking great Patrick, almost the same setup I have, have you thought of adding heat to your setup? I added a used Northstar hotbox and it works amazing...pretty heavy though!
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    Northstar Hotbox issue?

    Isn't the pressure release only if you go over the 4000psi limit otherwise it won't pop, like a safety valve to protect the coil?
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    Trailer setup questions? Fuel transport!

    Hi Guys Need a little trailer advice please. I am at a point where I need to buy an enclosed trailer, my garage is full of carpet cleaning, tile and pressure washing equipment and apart from it being really hard to keep moving about I would like to run electronic portable/truck mount from the...
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    First tile job tomorrow

    Hello, I don't have a tile wand but will definitely look out for one. Could I not turn down the pressure on the water otter, what pressure would you guys suggest starting out at? Thank you