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    House Call Pro Website Builder? Any Good?

    I think robert1993 is a scammer, is someone able to review?
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    Brush Pro 10" For Sale

    Are they 120/220v?
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    Patching on poly carpet !

    Always struggled to use this so I've always just used a knife
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    Patching on poly carpet !

    I use mine all the time. It's great. I would replace it if it ever broke
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    Ok thanks. Possibly just needs adjustment then? I'll play with it later.
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    I'll try the picture again then. Thanks
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    Have a drimaster that catches the loops on the forward stroke only, and only on the left (right side in pic). I can't feel or see any burs, so I can't work out why it's doing it. Any ideas?
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    Allowing techs take trucks home

    We do, but has to be parked in the drive of my house. Also can only drive to and from work.
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    Cell Phone Microscope-

    You tend to need a decent phone though
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    Client changed mind on pet treatment 1/2 way through job

    Except I wonder who is paying the bill. Is the husband home because he works from home, or is he the house husband and that's why she pulled out without discussing with husband. I'd have a small fit if my wife said no to something like urine treatment after I said yes.
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    VLM vs HWE

    Isn't the encap an polymer on its own. I've never had a problem adding it myself. But in saying that I use 50% HP and haven't been burned yet... Yet
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    VLM vs HWE

    Why buy a product with peroxide in it. Why not just get the full stuff and add peroxide
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    Upholstery dry cleaning

    I wonder how many people have attempted this with a porty
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    Coffee revisited

    Do you have a link to this please? I've never heard that before.
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    Upholstery dry cleaning

    Can I ask you process for dryclean? Do you just wipe on/off or wipe on extract off?
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    Who decides which method? You or Customer?

    Education and demonstration. Explain why, with technical details if needed, and yes do a demo in one of the walkways. Sometimes seeing is believing.
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    Solution Line Leaving Stains???

    Yeah when it comes to TM hoses you have to go quality. I have 3 lengths and will be replacing a length a year, which I think will be sufficient... But will play that by ear. You want something like the Parker paraflex. Don't go China. And a bit of solvent should get rid of the spots
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    Customer Complains about Cat scratch patch !

    Ok... I get it now... All those shadows. Looks retry good. I'd be proud of a repair like that any day. They must have been smoking a bit of the hash
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    How much solution do you use?

    Yeah the problem here is we can go job to job from a 30 year old wool carpet to brand new mowhawk and then back to wool. Might even have that in the same house! So I'm looking for something better... Always something better... That will be no more than a similar cost to what I can already get...
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    Wish me luck!

    I'm glad I only have some thing similar to this once a year or two... How can people live like this
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    How much solution do you use?

    We are extremely limited in what chems we have here. So because of the limit, costs are high. I want to make sure that the costs aren't more than is needed. I want to try Rob's stuff but no one's gotten back to me about the MSDS sheets.
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    Customer Complains about Cat scratch patch !

    I can't tell what colour that carpet is?
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    How much solution do you use?

    I have a boxxer 318. Have been using for many years but it's got me wondering lately how do I know if I'm using the right amount? How much do you go through on say a average 3 bedroom home? (Something that might take 2 hours to clean empty). I would use up to 3 gallons on a job like this. Thanks
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    Carpet trouble

    Looks like blocked jet if it only did this part way through job. I've had it happen before. I run a 2 jet wand at 400psi and don't have problems so I doubt 450 will make a difference if that's what you normally run provided you TM can handle it.
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    Organic Carpet Cleaning Made Easy

    Isn't plutonium and uranium organic? I need to start cleaning carpets with that... Make me some tomacco