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  1. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Service Agreements/Contract Help

    We are currently writing up our new Service Agreement/Contract Sheet for House and Apartment Cleaning Services. Please Share your ideas on what we should include as well as things/tips we should put on there that you already learned the hard way. We have all the basics like Schedule , Lock out...
  2. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Has this ever happened to you? ****** Board Related

    Hey Guys. Been busier than ever here in Central PA and our clientele is expanding so fast we can't keep up. Haven't been on here much at all in the past year. Quick question. Heres the low down. I have been getting alot I mean alot of emails from the competitor ****** Board. I never really...
  3. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Bars are good for something

    Just got a call from a friend who was at a New Restaurant / Bar hanging out with friends. Someone wanted to talked to me. To make a 30 min call short, I reunited with to 2 old friends and landed 2 jobs. One for complete maintenance cleaning of the Restaurant / Bar that my friend runs and the...
  4. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Kenmore Elite 70 Pint Dehumidifier

    We purchased this dehumidifier in the beginning of the summer to help dry out our basement. I have to give it two thumbs way up. It might be a good investment for someone looking into Water Damage or Mold Jobs on a budget, or just for your own home. I know it's probably not as good getting a...
  5. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Procedure for Floating Stairs?

    What is your procedure for a floating staircase? We cleaned a set the other day and it was a PITA. How do you do it without getting overspray everywhere, from the pre spray and from the hand tool.? We used a standard hand tool and was wondering if I should have used my enclosed jet Hy Dry...
  6. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Is this Setup Acceptable to you Part 1001

    Just wondering if this setup is good enough. (like I care). This is the way we roll day in and day out. It works well for us and we never lost a job because of our truck. At least not that we know about. lol It may not look as professional as some others but you better believe you will get...
  7. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Looking for Connections/Friends

    I am looking for members on here who would like to Help me out from time to time. Plus If anyone lives in Central Pa who might be interested in work if My porty is ever giving me problems. Sometimes I may run into a situation where my experience doesn't always help me. Just looking for someone...
  8. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Is Brake Cleaner a good spotter?

    I have a good friend who is a carpet cleaner in my area and we were talking today. I'm trying to get him to join TMF. He does a lot of rentals at PSU ,like 300 in a week sometimes. He works for another friend but is thinking of going on his own.I asked him what he/they use for spot treatment. He...
  9. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Feedback Greatly appreciated ON GROOM SOLUTIONS

    I've been looking at trying some New chems from Groom Solutions when I run out soon. I currently use Bridgepoint products with good results. It is pricey though. It is 30%-40% cheaper and has similar descriptions of what it does. Let me know what you think.
  10. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    I Really Respect you Porty Users

    Hi, I haven't posted on here in awhile as we are extremely busy. It has now been over a year since we added Carpet Cleaning to our business last April and joined TMF. I wanted to let you know that I have a new found respect for all you carpet cleaners that do this full time...
  11. Jennifer's Cleaning Services


    Thats the name of a movie starring Denzel Washington being filmed in my local community over the past few weeks. I actually got to see the helicopters and Trains while they were making the movie. Nothing like this has ever happened in Central Pa so its pretty neat and has people excited. I...
  12. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    VCT For dummies

    I need to know all the steps to properly shine and maintain Vinyl Composite Tile. I have never done this before and everything I read on here gets me more confused. So please explain in detail all the equipment needed and all the steps to do it. The place I am going to be doing is a car...
  13. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Dri-eaz Studebaker Airpath vs. Utilitech Fan

    I wanted to know peoples thoughts on these 2 fans. I own 2 of the Utilitech fans that only cost me $55.00 each at Lowes. I have never used the Airpath so i can't comment on that but I would have to say the Utilitech fans work great. You can use them as downdraft fans and the box said they move...
  14. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Need HELP w/ 1st WD Job!

    Hi this is Jen, normally Chad. I have my first WD job. I have never done this before so this very exciting to me. I think I can handle it with a little help. There are two rooms one with soaking wet carpet and wood paneling. The other with concrete floors and painted block walls. Everything...
  15. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    What is your favorite College and NFL football team?

    Lots of men on the TMF, I thought it would be fitting to talk football since its that time of year. I was born and raised in State College, PA home of the Penn State Nittany Lions so naturally they are my Favorite along with Joe-Pa. My favorite NFL is obviously the Pittsburgh Steelers(the best...
  16. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Your opinion on Rotovac 360 Glides

    I was wondering if anyone uses the 360 glides and what difference did it make. I wanted to make a thread just for this topic. I've read some like em some don't , but most don't explain why. I have also heard some say they bog the motor down shortening it's life. Please explain in detail your...
  17. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    What tool do you use to apply clear & color sealer?

    What tool do you guys/gals use or would like to use when you seal grout lines?
  18. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    How do you porty guys get your water?

    I usually set up my porty in the bathroom and get my water by unhooking the showerhead with rubber covered pliers. I have a adapter fitting so I Can hook up a 5 ft hose to it, and place it in the fresh water tank. Then empty the dirty water in the toilet. I also have a faucet adapter kit but...
  19. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Which spotting kit do you use?

    I was wondering which spotting kit people use or think is the best? Right now I dont have a full kit but have used Pros choice red relief, power gel and pro solv and thought they worked great. Tried the stain magic on urine and few other stains and was not impressed by that at all.
  20. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Help! Can you use a spinner with a porty

    I was wondering if you can use a handheld spinner with a 500psi Mytee porty. Like to get around toilets and up walls and such. Has anyone used one with this size porty and if so what were the results. Thanks
  21. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    WTB Mytee outlet convertor box

    I'm interested in buying a set of Mytee outlet convertor boxes. Good condition only. Let me know. Thanks
  22. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Does OXICLEAN really work?

    I just bought a small tub of Oxiclean to put it to the test. I know a very successful local contractor friend and he swears by it. We were talking about cleaning Ceramic tile/grout and he said that is the best thing he knows of. He seemed very confident. Also I think that rjfdude once said he...
  23. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Couple Questions About Scotchguard

    I remodeled a room in my house and put black carpet in there that is not stain resistant. My question, is it OK to put Scotchguard on it even though I didn't just clean it? Its been about 1.5 years since I put It in there and the room gets very little traffic and appears to look new still. Or am...
  24. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Need advice on cleaning spotty looking tile.

    I cleaned a motorhome for a couple and now they want me to clean their indoor tiled porch. She said it is ceramic tile and that they had "painted a wax" or something on it. Not really sure exactly, I never cleaned any tile yet. It kinda looks like skin peeling and its all spotty. Its hard to...
  25. Jennifer's Cleaning Services

    Have you ever tried Rotovac Brand Chemicals?

    Hi, Im new to carpet cleaning and just purchased a Rotovac 360 and a Mytee 1003Dx. It came with Rotovac RPM prespray and Rotovac Fiber Rinse. My question is has anyone used these and what do you think? Since I have never used any other prespray but the RPM I cant compare it to anything. It...