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  1. Matt Smith

    Is this too much for a logo?

    @Dizzle Dazzle Our very own designer, Daniel Martinec, who designs most all of our product labels, can also design your logo, van wrap, headers, and more. My favorite design from Daniel, I think, is Reefer Rid with @rob allen...
  2. Matt Smith

    BIO PRO 10K................BOOSTED???

    From the SDS: BioPro10K is 9-10 pH Rob's Secret Formula Free and Clear is 11 pH
  3. Matt Smith

    BIO PRO 10K................BOOSTED???

    Some have combined BioPro10K with Spiked or even just BioPro10K and GroutMaster and reported great results. I don't recommend leaving those mixed for more than a day as the oxidizers will kill the enzymes; but when fresh, it can work wonders. Alternatively, you can add an O2 like our Pure O2...
  4. Matt Smith

    Looking for a logo redesign

    Truck Mount Forums offers logo designs and the designer that creates all of our product labels and Rob's character will be your designer. If not, there are a lot of places online and even companies that specialize in...
  5. Matt Smith

    Citrus Solv 2 or Prosgrade Citrus Solvent??

    With Truck Mount Forums, we send discount codes on scratchers with every shipment, you earn loyalty reward points, and free shipping on orders $150 or more. The overall value we provide we believe is better than just the value of our products alone. I hope this helps.
  6. Matt Smith

    Orbot Stone Flash Pads/System

    We've personally had great experience with them, and all of our customers love them.
  7. Matt Smith

    New Rotovac Shear Dry Free Giveaway w/video

    Congrats to all who participated, won, or won as runner-up. If you didn't win this time, there will be plenty of great contests in the future. If you are looking to place an order soon, you can get $15 off any order $50 or more with the coupon code: 15OFF50
  8. Matt Smith

    The LittleBig Truck

    This compact truck has seating for 3 technicians, a vast amount of storage area and is exceptionally maneuverable. These trucks are an ideal carpet cleaning and first response vehicle equipped with a 12' box, a payload capacity of 3800 lbs. and competitively priced at $44,900.00! Also, check out...
  9. Matt Smith

    Orbot Life

    JD, that would be a question for @admin or @rob allen to answer
  10. Matt Smith

    Orbot Life

    Hey guys! The Orbot LiFe is now available on TMF:
  11. Matt Smith

    Ding dong, your opinion is wrong.

    Ding dong, your opinion is wrong.
  12. Matt Smith

    Nextraq GPS Tracking - DON'T DO IT!

    I notice no replies to this forum post. Have you been able to research and find another alternative?
  13. Matt Smith

    My new business web site!

    There's a lot of white space under the "JOHNNY ON THE SPOT CARPET CLEANING NEWS" area. In the table with your business hours, the font color should be lighter, or white to stand out. Grey on blue does not look good. Otherwise, I do like your homepage.
  14. Matt Smith

    Dave, unsure if Rob responded privately or not, but we do ship to Canada now.

    Dave, unsure if Rob responded privately or not, but we do ship to Canada now.
  15. Matt Smith

    FB Looking for the sds for grout master ?

    Mark, I was browsing through old posts and noticed this. The SDS is now on the product pages.
  16. Matt Smith

    Secret formula spiked Review

    Great job! Glad you like Spiked. Have you tried the Bio Pro10K from us?
  17. Matt Smith

    Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

    Also, a fun laugh for you guys.
  18. Matt Smith

    Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

    Watch out for the ban hammer ;)
  19. Matt Smith

    Facebook post boosting

    Hey guys, Matt from the TMF Team here. When it comes to boosting posts for your carpet cleaning business; unless your content is very high quality, it will not help. By high quality, I mean a great, short video. Rob Allen's Dry-N-Clean has a post on Instagram (a Facebook entity) with over 3k...
  20. Matt Smith

    Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

    One thing I'll never understand is why people enjoy watching a person get brutally mutilated with by another man's fist.
  21. Matt Smith

    What is a phone call worth?

    On a philosophical note, how much is the customer worth to you?
  22. Matt Smith

    General Liability Insurance

    Hi, Mike! A quick Google search represented quite a few options for GL insurance. One of them is Founder Shield, which is the first result for me here in Virginia Beach at the TMF headquarters. I hope you are lucky in your search for insurance! Let us know what you find.
  23. Matt Smith

    Hello from Discover Care Care San Antonio Carpet Cleaning

    Hi, Alexander! Glad to hear about your success in the business since 2014 and your wonderful partners. I've taken a quick glance on your website, and it looks very good. Thank you for taking the time to join the forum and its discussions.