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  1. RockMan57

    How much furniture do you move?

    To determine what you need, you might wish to wait. Additionally, whether you require a desk may depend on your work and how you live. I don't, as I can work at the kitchen table or elsewhere. Considerations include Will you be residing alone...
  2. RockMan57

    What are you charging for carpet stretching?

    Giving the customer a quote that clearly states the MOST it will cost and the LEAST it will cost helps secure the job. The actual final cost usually lays somewhere in the middle. But I will try my best to give you a starting point.
  3. RockMan57

    Psychic , u-r, but brainwashed blind!

    Several decades later, Constantine and his folks began establishing the church, and created the Bible as the source of Church Doctrine.
  4. RockMan57

    In house rug cleaning gone bad...wavy/wrinkled rug

    I am now considering stopping in house rug cleaning all together. I seem to have too many problems lately that many times can be easily solved or corrected while doing in plant cleaning. Any thoughts or comments are welcomed.
  5. RockMan57

    Safety tips & avoiding lawsuits for newbies

    I'll dig around and come up with some more ideas. But carbon monoxide kills people every year in our industry
  6. RockMan57

    How to get rid dog odor and stinky dander smells (video)

    Yes, people who live with animals get used to this smell and simply do not notice it. Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of this smell?
  7. RockMan57

    FB FB Marketing Tips and my first job from Instagram

    Is it all business there or are there real people without jobs but just with accounts?