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    Dual Wanding PSI - Carpet / Upholstery

    Question for you guys! Re: dual wands but 1 carpet wand, 1 upholstery tool. We have a job tomorrow that I would like to try this on. In most situations, we typically clean at around 400psi on the wand for carpet, 300-350 for upholstery using jetless. What can we set PSI at to clean both...
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    Looking for advice - Slate cleaning and re-sealing

    Hey guys, I am going to bid a job later today and wanted some advice. Customer has slate floors, and says they were sealed about 15 years ago. She wants them cleaned, and then re-sealed. Will they need to be stripped first? I keep a stock of GM for tile jobs, can it be used on this with my...
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    sqft pricing

    I know this is meant to be sarcastic but nothing surprises me anymore. There's a "company" in my area right now advertising residential - $125 up to 3500SF of carpet. Yes 3500. Includes agitation, spot treatment, and deo. I don't get it. Although 3500 SF of carpet is highly unlikely in pretty...
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    PITA Customer Experiences

    Exactly. And I tried to explain it to him, he just didn’t want to hear it. And like you said, it would typically be much more than $90. I had already done a few hundred bucks worth of work for him and wanted to gain a long term customer by hooking him up! Didn’t work out that way lol
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    PITA Customer Experiences

    Having been a business owner for 12 years now, I’ve learned (In my experience) the majority of customers are great! But boy do the bad ones stand out. What are some of your more interesting customer experiences? (If there is already a thread on this I apologize) Just had one recently.. Had a...
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    Do you put prices on your website? Why or why not?

    This is a tough one! Customers nowadays don't want to get on the phone as much (even though I believe sometimes it is crucial to be able to actually speak to a customer). They want to handle everything from their computer or iPhone. Customers also want to know what they're going to be paying...
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    Lost a job today..

    Do you have online booking? Just without prices?
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    Lost a job today..

    My prices actually aren’t listed on our main site, this was through our booking feature. She was booking the job online after our conversation and saw the “ *Minimum “ that she assumed would be added on top of her job. Unfortunately she didn’t just ask me about it since she was confused
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    Lost a job today..

    Well, actually it was yesterday. I had a lady reach out to me to get a quote to do tile cleaning and a few sofas. I gave her a pretty decent price on everything and told her we could come out tomorrow (which would have been today, NYE). All seemed well until I got a message from her a few hours...