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    Marketing deep cleaning for businesses shut down for CoVID.

    Been getting some businesses calling to clean their carpets since they have to shut down due to the corona virus. Thinking of doing a targeted Facebook ad advertising for this but unsure how to do so while being sensitive to the current world situation. Any ideas?
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    Everest 650 HP heat

    That’s a relief to hear @ColoradoCleaner . Thank you so much! I was worried it was overheating especially since I have a small coolant leak from the get go that I can’t pinpoint.
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    Everest 650 HP heat

    Just got a brand new Everest 650 HP. I’m wondering how hot should it be running when I have the heat lever turned all the way down. Mine is running almost 200 degrees on the lowest lever setting running at 400 psi and I’m worried that might too hot. (‍♂️) Should I be concerned? Also when I try...