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  1. blktipton

    Used prochem

    I have a friend in the HVAC business that did duct cleaning for a little while. He is wanting to sell a prochem performer with 2 50 gal tanks, hose reel, hoses and trukmaster system for $3500.00. The prochem has issues. I know the radiator has a hole in it. Other than that it supposedly ran...
  2. blktipton

    Billing question

    So I receive a call to clean an apartment Thursday. A move out and the renter said he would not be there and asked if I would bill him after I was done. I've never met this guy and he's not a referral. I told him I would need to bill a card for half before I showed up. How do you experienced...
  3. blktipton

    Is anyone else familiar with a steamaction 1800?

    I bought a used truckmount van combo over the weekend. The motor, pump and blower work great they were fairly recently rebuilt. The only issue I am having is figuring out the chemical injector. The set up goes like this: a freshwater inlet on the panel you can hook a garden hose to, goes to a 2...
  4. blktipton

    Am I missing something?

    Ok fellas, as you know my business is new. I am pretty happy with my pe 500 performance. But, it would appear from everything I read that a truck mount is going to be necessary, if nothing else, for appear to the customer. I make an extra dry pass and have what I beleive to be good dry times. 2...
  5. blktipton

    Home advisor/Angie's list

    Hello all, I'm just getting my business running. Do any of you advertise on, or use home advisor or angies list? Frankly, I don't understand the fees the guy from home advisor was talking about. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  6. blktipton

    Hello all

    Hello everyone. New member, just wanted to say hi. I had cleaned carpets in the early '90s for a short period. I enjoyed cleaning, but I found the company to be less than reputable so I went on to other things. I have recently started my own cleaning business and am striving to be opposite of...