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  1. Munseyfibertec

    IPS Sprayer

    My IPS sprayer nozzle broke. I replaced the spray nozzle and now it won’t spray. Any ideas?
  2. Munseyfibertec

    Bane clene equipment

    Anybody interested in old bane clene equipment? I have 120 gallon waste and fresh water tank with reels. 2 water pumps and a wand.
  3. Munseyfibertec

    Engineered Hardwood

    Has anybody ever burnished hardwoods with a white pad? Was going to test on my own.
  4. Munseyfibertec


    I’ll trade a SX15 for a Dang Pro wand. I’m in the Charlotte NC area?
  5. Munseyfibertec

    Solution hoses

    How often should we be replacing these? I have had one bust in a clients house but luckily I was using a modified Bane clene unit then. the output wasn’t that bad. I was able to unplug the cord and shut it down pretty fast. What are the best hoses for the price?
  6. Munseyfibertec

    Bidding help

    Bidding a Hotel halls and 100+ rooms I think 3 to 4 floors. Should I go square footage pricing or room pricing and footage on common areas?
  7. Munseyfibertec


    What will strip mop & glow off of concrete porch?
  8. Munseyfibertec

    New tile and grout cleaning l.

    I have a job coming up on new tile and grout after construction. What would you guys recommend? I was thinking a little grout master and an SX15. Should be in and out.