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  1. brian3180

    Please Help - Brown streaks on commercial carpet after cleaning?

    Her husband is mostly correct. Try to pick up floor machine, aka 175, aka 175 rpm, swing machine. Get micro fiber pads or bonnet pads. Very Low Moisture cleaning. Good for cleaning commercial carpet and berber carpet, like whats in the picture. It scrubs deep. You can use it on the trashed...
  2. brian3180

    Got Covid again

    If all you do is stay away from sugary drinks and those highly refined, processed snacks then you can count on having a good quality of life and cleaning well into your 70's. Of course 8 hrs of sleep and also limit bread you can easier control your weight. My sister got covid early in the...
  3. brian3180

    Ozone Generator

    Send it to the company to get serviced. Way cheaper than buying a new one.
  4. brian3180

    O/O vs Multi Truck - Pro’s vs Cons

    Is having multi-truck operation as hard and stressful as it seems? Being an O/O is relatively easy and I make all the money. Stay small, keep it all! I would like to put someone to work but I need to read all the pros and cons first.
  5. brian3180

    email from my CPA

    Yeah, my tax guy told me a month ago that Biden was trying to hire over 10,000 more agents because he needs to get all this free money somewhere.
  6. brian3180

    A row of used Truckmounts

    Do you know if it was a legit accident or was he on his phone? Sorry to hear that.
  7. brian3180

    What worker shortage???

    Something going around called the "twisties" and I hear it's debilitating. A mental health disorder that keeps you from preforming your job regardless if you earn millions or $18/hr for sacking groceries. Sounds like if you come down with the "twisties" you can make even more money doing...
  8. brian3180

    How important is grooming carpet?

    Personally I wouldn't like the shark tooth pattern on my vehicle after a carwash but I do like the look of it on carpet. I read guys saying not grooming is "barbaric" and that "what are you trying to hide" but that's their own guilty conscious working against themselves. I only post groom to...
  9. brian3180

    TM Descaler with Hydramaster CDS 4.8

    It's to descale the plumbing withing the machine. Let it circulate.
  10. brian3180

    How I came to love professional furniture cleaning

    It is not trigger less but it locks in place and is close to the handle so no strain if you do choose to use it. There are times that I am glad it is available to use.
  11. brian3180

    Help me choose a new swivel wand!

    You can grease the TMF wand as well because it has a zerk fitting. The wand/jets do not leak and the recovery is great. No more wasted dry strokes/energy because you can see when nothing is really coming up and move on. It's a lot of money but i really like it.
  12. brian3180

    How I came to love professional furniture cleaning

    I actually stopped cleaning upholstery because I hated the mess and strain of the bulky upholstery tools. After using the mytee jet-less, trigger less upholstery tool I started to take and upsell upholstery jobs and loved it. I upgraded to the SS tool last year and love it.
  13. brian3180

    Help me choose a new NON swivel wand!

    You needed a 2" adaptor to hook 2" wand to a 2" vacuum hose? I just got the Devastator wand as well and trying to determine if I like the swivel or not. Seems harder to push. Perhaps a different group of muscles that need to be used and exercised different technique. I do know that I like...
  14. brian3180

    Customer Prep List

    Maybe you have add I was also thinking about this. Perhaps you can mention that you will be powering off ceiling fans as you prep the rooms to be cleaned and powered back on immediately after each area is done. I hate when I enter a room after a pre-spray to find the ceiling fan blasting.
  15. brian3180

    Featured Two new TMF Booster/Urine removers for carpet cleaning!

    I have the Pure 2 w/citrus. I add as a booster. When do you suggest using it as a stand alone?
  16. brian3180

    Featured Shortages across the US

    My wifes co-worker bought a dodge truck in February and had to trade it in because they are having a baby. They got 10K more than what they paid for it. Crazy.
  17. brian3180

    2008 Bubble about hit again?

    I don't think its a bubble either. Demand is the same as before but there's a shortage of homes for sale. Interest rates are super low. Once rates start going up, material goes down and builders are able to catch up on building then housing market will get back to normal. The homes will not...
  18. brian3180

    Removing HX in 4.6

    My back up cds froze during the texas freeze in February. Is removing the HX from a 4.6 cds a big job? HX froze.
  19. brian3180

    Anyone notice a change in people who took the c-vaxx?

    I agree. That's why my kids won't be getting it.
  20. brian3180

    In Line Filter

    I have robs filter and love it as well. Never have to mess with the filters in the tank and my van doesn't smell like shit in the mornings anymore.
  21. brian3180

    What do you do for free on carpet cleaning jobs?

    I'm always trying to add value to the job overall but there seems to be no end. Is there a good check list made? There's a "Take 5" oil change franchise in my town. After every oil change a get a survey emailed with a list of maybe 20 specific questions as to what the employee did or say...
  22. brian3180

    Anyone notice a change in people who took the c-vaxx?

    People get the flu shot and still get the flu. These vaccines are not 100% effective. Everyone knows that.
  23. brian3180

    Anyone notice a change in people who took the c-vaxx?

    It's common knowledge that the people who got the rona get the worst side effects from the vaccine.
  24. brian3180

    Anyone notice a change in people who took the c-vaxx?

    I heard that early on as well but it wasn't called a bonus. Perhaps govt funding. Anyhow, if either are true then I'm sure these hospitals were more than happy to take the money. It's not like the doctors and nurses got paid anymore with the extra load. My wife is a nurse and her pay...