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  1. Mick Ellis  1

    Applying prespray to upholstery...

    Make sure you get a fan tip and not a cone spray. Fan ensures even coverage. Also, always carry some (DRY CLEANERS) pre spray, i found this lifts the oil residue on head and arm rest, prior to HWE.
  2. Mick Ellis  1

    Blocks of wood...

    I used small A Frames under upholstery to clean. The best part about using them is you do NOT have to be in the bent position during cleaning. With the furniture at an comfortable height, you can pay a lot more attention to detail during the cleaning process.
  3. Mick Ellis  1

    Just found this forum.

    They Must have been Pat, lol
  4. Mick Ellis  1

    Just found this forum.

    Hey Phil. I am hoping to be in Brisvagas next month. Mick
  5. Mick Ellis  1

    Just found this forum.

    I am also from Down Under NSW, where are you from?
  6. Mick Ellis  1

    TruckMountForums Acquires All Star Cleaning Forums

    What happened Josh is, Allstar, formerly World of Clean, was created after a falling out with TMF. Some people left TMF and joined WOC and some merely participated on both Forums. As time passed, most were able to let go of the past, myself included, and the 2 Forums started communicating and...
  7. Mick Ellis  1

    Lock boxes...

    I did have a secure box in my van. I used this to secure any chemicals (the old style rust remover) etc, that could be dangerous in the wrong hands.
  8. Mick Ellis  1

    Is there anything you will NOT clean...

    I guess from the above, now we are owner operators, we don't take shit from no one?
  9. Mick Ellis  1

    Fears you have overcome..

    Increasing prices was until i finally realised the value of my work.
  10. Mick Ellis  1

    TruckMountForums Acquires All Star Cleaning Forums

    I think once members get used to the change over, Allstar will get back to normal. Like everything else, no knowing whats happening tends to lead to uncertainty.
  11. Mick Ellis  1

    When they don't leave a message...

    Would you call back if it was one of your 1900 numbers calling you?
  12. Mick Ellis  1

    A funny thing happened at my last job today

    I know a fellow who actually does this all the time. He calls at an address and seems shocked when they say he isn't booked there. He picks up a lot of work doing this.
  13. Mick Ellis  1

    Some threads & Posts removed from last couple days because....

    I guess it was poor judgement on my part, recommending Tyler as a Moderator.
  14. Mick Ellis  1

    All Star Cleaning Forums now updated to 2.0

    And if anyone does exit stage left, please use the revolving door. Spin round and round and get your ass back here and help get this Forum rocking once again.
  15. Mick Ellis  1

    All Star Cleaning Forums now updated to 2.0

    Like Bond, James Bond, its probably Support, Tech Support. We never did ask Kamal his real name.
  16. Mick Ellis  1

    All Star Cleaning Forums now updated to 2.0

    From what i am hearing, they are on their way and very soon too.
  17. Mick Ellis  1

    Forums Turned OFF

    Its the all new cleaner looking Forum, do you approve so far?
  18. Mick Ellis  1

    Service areas...

    I listed mine as covering an area from and to and included the wording, other towns and villages in between.
  19. Mick Ellis  1

    If it ain't broke....

    As sure as shit, if you keep putting it off, it will die at the worst possible time. You have been given lots of warning about this switch, so replace it ASAP.
  20. Mick Ellis  1

    What would you like to see on this forum or....?

    I have always been up with the idea of teaming up with another Forum. I have personally seen how teaming up can be a huge benefit to all involved.
  21. Mick Ellis  1

    When burnt out hits you...

    Introduce something different. That may be doing so encap or Dry Cleaning. I found introducing something new OR a bit of new equipment, got me going when things were becoming mundane.
  22. Mick Ellis  1

    hello guys, I'm new here :)

    Welcome to the Forum OneLove.
  23. Mick Ellis  1

    Forums Turned OFF

    You will notice from the announcement up the top of the page, that the Forums have been turned off. I have no idea what that means so i contacted James Cooper (Forum Owner) and was told it is because of some upgrades. I would assume the Forums will be open again very soon.