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  1. arrohmei

    El Diablo's injection system help

    Our injection container keeps filling with water while cleaning and overflowing. Any insight as to why this could be happening? I have tried dealing to no avail.
  2. arrohmei

    Indoor Dog Park Turf Cleaning

    I was contacted today to clean a rather large indoor dog park's turf. I am looking for guidance as well as speaking to the turfs manufacturer. My plan is to use a yard vac, pre-spray with bio pro and scrubbing with a CRB. Last step would be to rinse. not sure if I will extract or rinse with...
  3. arrohmei


    Went to a nice local Bed and breakfast to clean with one of my newer techs. Got there and the lady (friend of my family's) showed us what she wanted. We had her sign our work order and away we went. Her daughter stopped in to borrow money, and then the lady left. An hour later she returned...
  4. arrohmei

    Toying around with off loading some equipment

    I am thinking about dropping some of the equipment that we do not use very often, have alternatives to using, or just plain do not need. I have to go through everything and make sure it is in good working order but I wanted to judge if there is any interest in any of this or if it would be a...
  5. arrohmei

    Rug cleaning classes?

    Are their any good hands on rug cleaning classes going anytime soon on the east coast? I am looking to really boost my sales in rug cleaning and as with anything I do, I want to be the best at it. any ideas?
  6. arrohmei

    ISO 14 inch gekko brush head (old style with vacuum manifold)

    The title pretty well sums it up. I really do not want to have to drop another $550 for a new wand and a new head, and then i would need a 4 inch head etc. Anyone out there have any for sale. In southeast Indiana but will pay shipping.
  7. arrohmei

    I need to overhaul this Ad that we haver been using for months... any ideas?

    There is not much that I like about it, but I am not sure what to do to make it pop. this goes in a mailer 40k strong. right next to Stanley S and another local cleaner. I am focusing on more of a quality experience than a quantity. I have a photographer taking pictures to change out the...
  8. arrohmei

    CRB, 175, CIMEX OR WHAT?

    What do you prefer for an all around tool for residential and commercial. I am partial to my 13 inch 175 for residential although I thing a 15 inch CRB is where it is at. For commercial either a 175 (17 or 20 inch) or the cimex depending on the level of soil needed. Encapsulated or agitation.
  9. arrohmei

    Horror Story

    When I was first starting out, I had one doozy of a job. About 3000 square ft of cleaning, lots of furniture. Added protector. The carpet cleaned up nicely and I got all furniture blocked and replaced. All that was left was protector and taking it in. I go to my truck and the hydro sprayer...
  10. arrohmei

    Cleanco is dumping hot water straight into waste tank

    So we have been noticing that we are going through almost twice the water we should in any given period of time. We are not leaving the carpet very wet. The water is also coming out of our waste tank scalding hot. The only thing I can figure it that the thermal relief has gone bad and is...
  11. arrohmei

    What are your favorite spotting agents

    If i could only have one or two spotting agents they would go Avenge Pro then Citrigel 2.0. I started with the Bridgepoint systems spotting kit and have changed it up here and there. what do you use?
  12. arrohmei

    El Diablo Slide in

    My company was just bought out< and I was hired to Manage the buyer's carpet cleaning division and revamp it revitalize and get it to where it needs to be. He has 3 trucks, a Clean Co. Direct drive, which is a great machine. He also has 2 El diablo Slide ins, that are constantly in pieces due...
  13. arrohmei

    What is your preferred method of Encap cleaning?

    Starting out I have used a bonnet cleaner while pre-spraying the encap down. I found this method to be a little more time consuming than running the encap through the bonnet driver itself, but it saves on Chem and drys a bit quicker. I also am not a fan of Encap ONLY cleaning. I use it as a...