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  1. TimM

    Great start to the day.

    Had to run 275 feet of hose for this job. But it was worth it.
  2. TimM

    Looking for a cleaner in Central Mass area

    I have a friend who lives in Fitchburg Mass that needs to get carpets cleaned. Anyone here service that area.
  3. TimM

    Congrats Qwikdry

    I just heard that Russ is now a proud Daddy to a little girl. Congrats to you and your family.
  4. TimM

    Happy Veterans day Frank and all other veterans.

    To all those who so selflessly and bravely served our country, THANK YOU. Without you we would not have the rights & freedom we enjoy everyday.
  5. TimM


    Not the kind you smoke, but the crawling kind, how do you deal with them when cleaning carpets. I just cleaned an apartment this past weekend and those buggers were all over the place. I refused to pre vac, and I sprayed and sucked then emptied my lint basket on site, then found a safe spot at...
  6. TimM

    REZ FREE 3-n-1

    Well I got to try ot this stuff tonight on a chinese kitchen and I must say it worked pretty good. It had no bad chemical odors that I could smell. I mixed 4 scoops into my hydroforce and pre sprayed then I let it dwell and then rinsed. The only thing that I dont like is the cost of the stuff. I...
  7. TimM

    Congrats to All Clean Extreme and his wife

    Just got a text from Justin and he told me his wifes water broke this morning. So, he is going to be a daddy again. He wanted me to pass the good news to everyone here.
  8. TimM

    Legend Fuel Pump

    I am posting this for All Clean Extreme, Justin believes his Prochem Legend has a bad fuel pump, He wants to know what is the pressure output of the pump? Can he just pick up an aftermarket pump?
  9. TimM

    Red Wax Removal

    Here are some pictures I took on a job were I had about 3 1/2 foot wax spill to remove.
  10. TimM

    Happy Birthday Rob

    Happy Birthday you old man, you are getting ahead of me..
  11. TimM

    some more carpet repairs

    here are some pictures of the latest carpet repairs I have attempted. This is only the second time I have done this so I am still learning. I also made more on this repair and a few other ones I did in the house than I made on carpet cleaning.:bigsmiley:
  12. TimM

    175 rotary in action

    There has been some talk recently about 175 rotary's so I tought I would post a video of what I use mine for. first one is pre scrubbing with the beast. YouTube - 175 clarke rotary the next is what it looks like after pre scrubbing and during the rinse with the truck mount. YouTube - rinse Using...
  13. TimM


    Any suggestions on removing Slime that you use in a flat tire? My son bought a used car and there is a spot about 6" diam of that stuff. Any suggestions?
  14. TimM

    For Officer Rich

    YouTube - Underwear Cops
  15. TimM

    My Dogs

    we had some extra ballons so I let my dogs have them, here is how they reacted. YouTube - MOV00865
  16. TimM


    Got a call today from a lady who had AntiFreeze spilled on CGD carpet, is there any special concerns that I need to be aware of when cleaning this area? I have not seen it yet.:AddEmoticons04259:
  17. TimM

    Carpet Repairs

    Well I took the plunge and swallowed my fears and tried my hand at some carpet repairs. These two were both in the same apartment and the manager told me to experiment all I wanted to. The first three pictures are of a burn in the middle of the room, and the second was at the doorway from a dog...
  18. TimM

    New van decals added

    I had some decals made up for my van to show some of my other services for customers. Here are a few pictures. Justin from All Clean Extreme was able to have his wife do them for me.
  19. TimM

    New Logo

    Please critique my new logo. It is for my rent ready cleanings that I do. let me know, good or bad. :AddEmoticons04259:please be honest.
  20. TimM

    BNI Groups

    Does anyone belong to a BNI group? I was approached by my banker to join her group because they need a carpet cleaner. What does it cost and have you had luck with them? Any info will help. Tim
  21. TimM

    just a few videos

    Here are a few videos of the job I had last night. Justin with All Clean Extreme actually did the cleaning for me and I was the hose puller. the last video was some excitment happening in the parking lot, bunch of kids causing trouble and a few got arrested, a total of 7 police cars showed up to...
  22. TimM

    Pricing help on floor tear up

    Had a flood call yesterday, well many, and one of them the basement had laminate floor that was flodded with rain water. The water was coming thru the floor so the only way that I felt to dry it was to tear it up then dry the cement floor under neath. So I got approval from the owner for the...
  23. TimM

    New economic stimulus payment

    NEW ECONOMIC STIMULUS PAYMENT....EXPLANATION ........ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Sometime this year, taxpayers will receive an Economic Stimulus Payment. This is a very exciting new program that I will explain using the Q...
  24. TimM

    For you Cyclist

    Here is a video a friend of mine made. It is a promotional video for the FedEx Bike Team that ride in the MS150 bike tours. If you are looking for a challenging ride, and having fun, you should do this ride. They have a ride in almost every state. <object width="480" height="295"><param...
  25. TimM

    Accounting software

    I have been using QuickBooks Pro for the past couple of years and I like most of it, But I see Microsoft has Microsoft Office Accounting Pro out and I was wondering if anyone uses it? I need to update to a newer version of QuickBooks, So I figured if I am going to spend the money, maybe try...