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  1. george8585

    This is why !!!!!!!!!!

  2. george8585

    Trump Effect - GET USED TO IT

    Fiat Chrysler announces 1 BILLION investment in US manufacturing and 2000 new jobs. You won't hear about this on the liberal news networks. There are many more announcements like this to come but liberals will never know about it because the liberal media does not want you to know about it...
  3. george8585

    HOS Orbot Vibe

    Never thought I would see a OP CRI a Deep Cleaning System. Orbot Vibe
  4. george8585

    Bonnet Pro is THE MAN

    I used Bonnet Pro's Revive iT ROCKET today on a third flloor condo with no funiture in it that my TM couldn't reach. It was the best job I ever did with VLM. The 3 bedrooms with old beige nylon cleaned up so easy. The Hallway and Living Room and Dining Room had cheap polyester carpet. It was...
  5. george8585

    Kerosene for Steam Way TM

    Is it ok to use the red dyed kerosene in my Steam Way TM? I've been using the clear K1 but it's getting harder and harder to find places that sell K1 kerosene. I know I used red dyed kerosene years ago a few times and didn't have any problems that I know of.
  6. george8585

    9500 sq.ft. commercial

    What would you charge? All small offices cubicles hallways and conference room. Carpet has some stains but not too bad. I will be using Orbot and Freedom. Told them $2500.00 is that too high.
  7. george8585

    Cleanfree for VLM Cleaning

    Cleanfree works great as a prespray for HWE. Has anybody tried it for VLM? Label says 4 oz. for 5 gal. of water for VLM cleaning. I'm thinking about using it in apartments. Would it leave the carpet stiff, like encap? Maybe you wouldn't need to vacuum it three times to remove the stiffness. It...
  8. george8585

    Steamway Galaxy 4100 Burner

    Why would my burner come on without water flow. That should not happen. Can't find any bad wires.
  9. george8585

    Brush Pro

    I need a encapsulation machine to do some hallways in an office building on areas my truckmount won't reach. Cimex to heavy. Does anybody use the Brush Pro? Would this do a good job on med to light soil? Cost more than a Cimex.