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  1. Sirocco Jerry

    Where to find a bigger pressure pump and auto pump out???

    Guys, Here's a Permanent solution that will solve your PumpOut problems.. ..for 15 to 35gpm.. This is designed and Proven, over the past 25 years to be the VeryBest performance at LowestPossible cost.. ..available in 15 gl or 30 gl sizes, with several filter combinations available.. yes it...
  2. Sirocco Jerry

    Kohler replacement

    Remember the part where it did a good job for you.. ..3000hrs, and no losses in downtime .. ? For half price you can have a reallyGood chance at downtime, and possible lost customers, and you can celebrate "going cheap".. Or.. Fix the one you have, and save $500/ month toward a new one.
  3. Sirocco Jerry

    The Power Wash Kickoff

    because an unloader on a pressure washer is set for maximum system pressure ..without crazy spike-pressure when you let go of the gun, and it should be left in that "sweet spot" for Safety. Adding a secondary regulator you can set for lower pressures as needed, gives you MUCH more control.. The...
  4. Sirocco Jerry

    Ordering a complete pressure washing set up-Recommendations?

    Oooh My.. I'm'A have to spend some time in here.. There's SO much to know about outdoor cleaning systems and the finesse in what the jobsite needs.. ..and then there's the uneducated suppliers, and such. I'll help as I can. eMail me your "wish-List" and what are the jobsite "types" you...
  5. Sirocco Jerry

    The Power Wash Kickoff

    240 degrees removes the gum with NO chemicals.. With the proper safeties and controls in place, you can turn down the engineSpeed, to where the lowered flow gives the temp you want, ..with the tempControl set immediately above where you wantTo run.. and GoFast ! Lower pressure is safer on...