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    Replacement for a Rotovac 360i for agitation of home carpet and tile and grout cleaning occasionally

    Hi we have been using a rotovac 360i with the brush attachment for a few years to agitate carpets and when we get tile and grout cleaning jobs and the engine has crapped out. We really are not using all the functions this way. The main reason my team liked the 360 was it's weight as we do...
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    Local service Ads and Stanley Steemer

    I bought a carpet business in a decent size town and area but not a big city(they are 1 or more away. The person I bought the business said he tried local service ads but didn't like them when they first started up. In the last year or more I have noticed a downtrend in calls. I also noticed...
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    How do you find Carpet Cleaning Techs

    Hi my name is Tod and I was wondering how everyone goes about finding technicians. I tried a few of the paid services and it is either a ridiculous fee to make a hire(10% of YEAR salary) or pay by click but then even if you say they need experience you get a ton of clicks from people with no...