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  1. RollingHills

    Cleaning wall rugs

    Just a quick question here. How do you usually clean your wall rugs and how do you attach it on the wall without damaging them? My mom bought this for me - birthday gift. I'm overwhelmed cause I know it is a luxury rug and also pressured on how to pull this off. She bought it at Cyrus Artisan...
  2. RollingHills

    DIY cleaning or Professional Cleaning Service?

    If you have luxury rugs, you don't want to risk them on uncertain DIY tips and tricks you found on internet. You need professionals to properly address how to clean them. On the other hand, you can practice your DIY skills on cheap rugs you probably bought at ebay or other online stores.
  3. RollingHills

    Nautilus MX3 1200 vs Monsoon or Rotovac Ranger

    I'll go for Rotovac i360. Don't know the other brand but Rotovac is my mom's trusted brand.
  4. RollingHills

    What's your best carpet cleaning "tip & trick"?

    this rather a prevention than a cleaning tip trick. Keep Your Rug Away from Direct Sunlight The sun is not a friend to your handmade rug. Direct sunlight can potentially cause enormous amounts of damage, especially to the colors. Before you decide where to position your rug, be sure you know...
  5. RollingHills

    FB Do you guys tow your boat with your van?

    Yes, with proper tools and towing accessories plus considering you engine, you can tow whatever you want. I just recently purchased a trailer tow wiring harness. It's an accessory for my Jeep Wrangler JL that adds a 4 way and 7 way trailer wiring receptacle to the rear of your Wrangler, to...
  6. RollingHills

    I admit it....I'm a gamer

    This just proved that real man is a true gamer lol.