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    Not sure if in right category ... I’m going to buy a crb I know I want a small one I’m thinking a 10” because I do mostly residential I’m curious what suggestions y’all have
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    Dm3 for sale

    Lightly used make me an offer or txt at937-434-0902 will post pics tomorrow .. I have a sapphire just prefer that
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    Tmf acidic or alkaline rinse

    Anyone have any insights on why or when and where I’d rather the acidic or the alkaline rinse
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    Chemical feed

    My feed on 18 yr old van is bad ... anyone know of a po mans replacement not worth buying new
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    Nasty gunk coming from my fresh water tank

    Did I get some funky water from somebody’s house?
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    2003 butler

    Where can I find what pumps can be interchangeable on 03 butler
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    Do you do a good/great job or a good job for the money?

    I’m just trying to spark a discussion for those who would like to be able to charge more than the usual 3 rooms for $60
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    Sapphire scientific upholstery pro

    Trying to find a bag to put it in the van .. I tried Home Depot no success
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    I love my rotovac 360 I .. why would I ever use a wand

    I used wands for almost 15 yrs have been rotovac for almost 5 am I missing something
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    HWE with encap chemicals

    I do HWE with a rotovac ( very unlikely to change) but my curiosity has been piqued lately with talk of encap chemicals I could use to compliment HWE .... could anyone share how they might improve my cleaning quality
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    Lint/hair tool

    Has anyone found a good lint/hair tool for upholstery?
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    Anyone selling a used RV 360i for parts

    Doesn't need to be fully functional