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  1. ccclean

    Totaled my Van

    Hi Guys, I totaled my beloved Ford Van, I was rushing around and I hoped out while it was not in park, (extremely careless) and it rolled over a hill and was wrecked. Been a hard week, looks like I will end up buying a new Butler to get back on line. My van was insured and will be covered. My...
  2. ccclean

    1998 Butler

    1998 Chevy Express Butler $2000 1998 Express 3500 5.7 106,000 miles I had purchased this as a second van. I brought it for NH State inspection yesterday and it failed for various items. In total about $1500 dollars of work, quoted by a reputable shop. The frame and underbody are actually...
  3. ccclean

    Butler Blower

    I’m looking for a blower for a 98 butler. I’m not sure if any are interchangeable. The current blower is a 58 Mach ll, I believe it’s a roots
  4. ccclean

    Butler Help

    I just picked up this butler for cheap It has not been cared for but runs fine. 4500 on the machine 109k on the van It’s going to just be a backup for now. The rockers are rusted but the floor of the van is good. What maintenance items should I take care of? I think the blower may be on...
  5. ccclean

    COI Dispute

    I did a short notice cleaning (called a week in advance) for a management company outside of my normal service Area, I only went because the person they were managing for requested me. They asked for a COI 3 days before the job. I talk to my agent and she gets it to them 2 days before the job...
  6. ccclean

    New Name

    I bought my business with a terrible name and need to change it. Do you guys think “Home Serve” is too much of a ripoff?
  7. ccclean

    Problem Rug.

    So I have a customer, she is a home decorator. She had this custom Wool area rug made for her client. She says it’s “hand looped in Nepal” surprisingly this is a common thing I hear but it’s not true, especially in this case because this rug is machine made. The problem is this rug is shedding...
  8. ccclean

    2 inch Sapphire Scientific wand

    In almost new condition, it came with my machine, I’ve tried it but I do almost entirely residential and it’s too unwieldy for tight spaces. It has a green glide with 1 use on it. Pickup only in Boston area $500 the glide alone was $180.
  9. ccclean

    Tough piece

    I cleaned two of these chairs yesterday, they cleaned well but would not stop browning. Here are my questions to you guys. I pre sprayed with Bridge-point Fabric Shampoo about 6 onces in Hydro Force 8 oz regular Bridge-point Fabric Prespray and and 5 ounces of boost all. They cleaned great...
  10. ccclean

    Peroxide booster

    I'm looking for a Peroxide booster I can add to my presprays and rinses. Ideally I would like just peroxide with no additives. Any suggestions?
  11. ccclean


    I tested the Fisson pre spray from Chemspec today. Sapphire gave me a case when I bought my machine. 2 quarts in Hydro Force with no pre agitation and just rinsed with a wand.
  12. ccclean

    Pricing help

    I've taken on general floor care at a fairly large complex in my area, I have little experience in VCT comercial floor care. My employee who helps me with carpeta does janitorial at night. So we just did 3 strip and waxes at this complex, they really came out nice but I don't know what to...
  13. ccclean

    Cleaning slate

    I'm sure there is a thread on cleaning slate somewhere but I figured we could start the discussion again. I have a slate floor and grout to clean. As far as I understand no acid on slate. How about high PH? Any other input would be great!
  14. ccclean

    Sapphire Random shutdown

    I have a fairly new (600) hour sapphire 2500 HS, it has started shutting down on jobs. If you hit the override switch it will start up. It seems connected to an overheating issue. If you open the bypass valve after you start it on occasion the temp on the gauge will spike. It seems to be fine if...
  15. ccclean

    Help me out

    I have a new account, it's a big one. I'm cleaning all the dorms for an academy in my area. Me and the person handling the account are on great terms. So I do the first day no problem, things look great. The rugs aren't in terrible shape, lots of gum and ink but not too much general soiling. So...
  16. ccclean

    The right antifreeze

    Hey guys, I'm winterizing my machine for a month, what is recommended anti-freeze? Also, any tips? Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  17. ccclean

    Old Truck-Mounts

    Does anyone have pictures of the first truck mounts? I've only been a round this business for about 10 years. I'm curious about the real old stuff Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  18. ccclean

    Old Rotovac

    What do you guys think about the old Rotovac? I have a chance to pick one up cheap. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  19. ccclean

    For sale

    I couldn't get this to work in the classifieds. I have a 2 inch 6 jet titanium wand from Sapphire. It's in like new condition, used just a handful of times. I'm looking for 900.00 I'm located in New Hampshire. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  20. ccclean

    Convince me

    I know you guys are all about agitation but it seems most of you love glided wands also. I need to be convinced, why use the glides? Is it do save your shoulders? Or do they clean better? I know water recovery can be good but I feel like the cleaning leaves a lot to be desired. I use a...
  21. ccclean

    I had to share.

    Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
  22. ccclean

    How to get Hard Surface work?

    Hey guys, I have been carpet cleaning for a few years now, I work in an area that is rural high income. The carpets I clean are for the most part "moderate" soil at worst. I do many repeat cleanings and business is good. I'm looking to take things to the next level and add serious hard surface...
  23. ccclean

    Hey fellow carpet cleaners.

    Im new here, Ive browsed a few times and been very impressed with the knowledge that's so openly shared. I look forward to being helped and helping when I can. I'll throw a question out right away. I'm moving on from my Boxxer 421 to a Sapphire 2500 hard surface. Anyone have input on that...