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  1. lmullica

    Bleach stain polypropylene

    Is it polypropylene or polyester? Polypropylene is normally what I call "berber" carpet.
  2. lmullica

    Is anyone using a Predator engine for their truckmount?

    I use a Predator in my truck mount. It's been in there for 3 years. I had an issue with the low oil sensor shutting the engine off after about a year. It would shut the engine off if the truck wasn't perfectly level. I unhooked it then it didn't have any problems. And there is a solenoid in the...
  3. lmullica

    Would you use a CNG van ?

    I was toying with that idea before I bought my current van but since my TM runs on gas from a fuel tap it would mean I'd need two different fuel tanks on the truck.
  4. lmullica

    Engine Glowing Red

    retarded timing problem
  5. lmullica


    I had Corona virus in Cancun a couple years ago. Also known as 3.2 flu.
  6. lmullica

    Royal Vacoum ???
  7. lmullica

    Royal Vacoum ???
  8. lmullica

    I now give you the finger....

    Pictures or it didn't happen. ;)
  9. lmullica

    Is this white cotton floss asbestos?

    Asbestos was outlawed in 1978. Why would it be in a house built in 2004?
  10. lmullica

    Where do you hurt?

    Tendonitis in left shoulder and bursitis in right shoulder.
  11. lmullica

    Best Urine Stain & Odor Remover 'UNCHAINED' now comes in Pails

    Is this a powder in the pail? Or 5 gallons of liquid?
  12. lmullica

    Floor ID, Stone or man made?

    If I think it might be natural stone I'll look for tiles that have an identical pattern. Natural stone won't have identical tiles.
  13. lmullica

    Guess Who's Back

    Yeah, it's been a while. Didn't think anyone would notice. :cool:
  14. lmullica

    Guess Who's Back

    Glad to see you back and glad you're doing well, John.
  15. lmullica

    King Cobra Portable

    I used to have one of those and it is Heavvvyyyy. The heat was good as long as you used the wand that came with it. (it had 11001 jets). Larger jets flowed too much solution and the heater couldn't keep up.
  16. lmullica

    Rob's Reel Rewinder - Convert any non electric to electric in 5 minutes!

    @rob allen When will these be available again. I've got $$$ and I want one.
  17. lmullica

    Vermont Slate sealer?

    I looked at some flooring for a client on Saturday. It is Vermont Slate in red, green and black in random sizes and has a semi matte sheen on it. There are large white areas pretty much all over that look like blushing. I tried using acid and alkali prespray in inconspicuous areas and nothing...
  18. lmullica

    Reel Innovations Real Review

    he said turtle dick. hehe
  19. lmullica

    Ungrateful customer!

    So the way I see this is you are giving a price over the phone, $89 for 2 rooms and a hall for instance. That will be the last thing the customer hears. $89. Then you show up to the job and see it will take more work and you add to the $89. Customer sees bait and switch. Like Todd and Randy...